Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium (1)

As Yugi prepares for the biggest duel he has ever fought, against Pegasus, he finds himself remembering how his Grandpa taught him everything he knows about Duel Monsters. Determined to win his final duel against Pegasus, he must not lose heart, as that will seal his defeat. As he heads to the arena, Yugi meets up with his friends who all wish him the best.

As Yugi enters the arena, Pegasus arrives as Croquet, the Tournament organiser, introduces him as the undefeated, undisputed ruler of the Duellist Kingdom. Yugi is not phased by the title, determined that with his wisdom and the strength of his cards he can win the duel.

Pegasus congratulates Yugi on having defeated such strong opponents, but Yugi is only concerned that Pegasus will keep up his end of the agreement, that if Yugi wins his Grandpa’s soul will be returned to him. As Pegasus avoids the question, he begins to play mind games with Yugi, using the Millennium Eye to discover why Yugi wants to free the Kaiba Brothers as well. Discovering that Yugi made a promise to Mokuba, Pegasus mentions this to Yugi, taunting him with the fact that he can read his mind.

As Yugi prepares to duel, his friends wonder what Pegasus really wants from Yugi, believing that Pegasus always intended for Yugi to reach the final duel. Bakura and Tristan become concerned that Yugi may not be strong enough to defeat Pegasus, especially after what he did to Kaiba. As Taya and Joey head off to get a better view, Tristan tells Bakura that he is going to try and help Yugi by finding Mokuba and Kaiba, therefore reducing Pegasus’s advantage. This revives Bakura’s dark presence, which is intrigued by the idea.

Yugi is asked to show the Tournament verification card, and does so with no problem. Croquet announces that the card is blank because the winner can ask for anything from the loser. In this case, both players are fighting for the souls of others, but while Yugi fights to recover his friends’ souls, Pegasus is duelling to win Yugi’s. Meanwhile, Bakura meets up with Joey and Taya on the balcony, but when they ask where Tristan is, he claims not to know.

As the duel for the title of King of Games prepares to begin, each player must cut and shuffle the opponent’s deck. But as Yugi shuffles Pegasus’s deck, his opponent merely taps the top card and then passes it back. With both decks returned, the duel begins.

With his friend fighting the toughest duel ever, Tristan heads off in search of Mokuba. But as he searches through the castle, he begins to fear his search will be hopeless until he spots a guard coming. Hiding behind a suit of armour, Tristan follows the guard and finds a secret staircase hidden down a dead end.

Yugi begins by playing a monster card, and one other card, both face down. As Pegasus’s turn begins, he announces that Yugi played a Beaver Warrior before playing two cards himself, Red Oyster Girl in defence and one card face down. Yugi wonders whether Pegasus is leading him into attacking, but decides to take the risk anyway.

At this point, Pegasus uses his Millennium Eye to discover that Yugi is planning to use the Beaver Warrior with his Horn of the Unicorn in a combo move. As Yugi decides to dismiss the face down card, he reveals his two cards and attacks. But as he does, Pegasus’s trap card, Tears of a Mermaid, is activated, cancelling the magic card. Switching his Oyster Girl to attack mode, Pegasus destroys the Beaver Warrior, reducing Yugi’s life points to 1800.

As Yugi begins to realise that Pegasus predicted the move, his friends wonder how Pegasus knew to counter the attack, and also wonder where Tristan has gone. Pegasus announces that Yugi is beginning to realise the magnitude of the duel they are playing, but it is too late to pull out now, even though Pegasus has an unstoppable advantage.

In order to relieve his friends’ confusion, Bakura explains to Taya and Joey that the Millennium Eye has the power to see into anyone’s mind and read their thoughts. The pair are shocked, both at the power of the Eye and at the fact that Bakura knew this. The three begin to doubt whether Yugi has any chance of winning the duel.

Meanwhile, Tristan has managed to find Mokuba, trapped in a cell at the bottom of the stairs. Knocking out the guard, he steals the keys and unlocks Mokuba’s cell, but triggers a silent alarm that warns the other guards.

Back at the duelling arena, Yugi plays one monster in defence mode and ends his turn. Croquet, however, has received a phone call warning him of the security breach, but is unable to notify Pegasus without disturbing the match. As the organiser continues his conversation, Bakura uses the Millennium Ring to listen in on the call, learning that all exits to the castle have been locked.

As Tristan tries to escape with the soulless Mokuba, he finds the two of them trapped in a passageway with guards advancing from both sides. The duel is still continuing, however, as Pegasus plays Ryouran in defence mode, switching his Oyster Girl to defence mode as well.

Preparing to make his move, Yugi seems to be growing more confident, so Pegasus decides to play another mind game. Reading the cards in his hand and then the one that he draws, Pegasus announces to all that Yugi has drawn the Summon Skull, commenting that it will go well with the Celtic Guardian, Magical Hats, Spell Binding Circle and Horn Imp.

Successfully psyching Yugi out once more, Pegasus begins to make his opponent doubt whether there is any way to win against the power of his Millennium Item, especially when Yugi’s has not been fully unlocked yet.