Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (2)

As their toughest duel continues, Yugi and Joey are both playing better than they ever have before. And with Joey having the most life points and also having the power of the Black Skull Dragon, it seems that he might just be unstoppable.

The intense duel is putting both friends to the test, stretching their boundaries both as duellists and friends. However while both Joey and Yugi are determined to win, Pegasus is certain that in the end he will be the only one to win when he takes both their souls, including those of their friends and the two Millennium Items the group holds (Yugi’s Puzzle and Bakura’s Ring).

As Yugi goes to make his next turn, Joey warns him that he knows every card in his deck and so the move will hardly be a surprise. True to form, Yugi plays the Dark Magician, but even it is not powerful enough to destroy Joey’s Black Skull Dragon. However Yugi’s turn is not finished yet and as he plays the Magical Hats, Joey realises that he has been caught out by a combo that Yugi has used in many previous duels.

As Joey’s dragon attacks the first of the hats, it destroys the hat but finds nothing inside. However Joey is not finished yet and plays Garouzeis down in attack mode as well. As Joey finishes his turn, his friends wonder why he played Garouzeis in attack mode. If Yugi attacked it, Joey would be left with only 50 life points and even he would find it hard to win from that kind of disadvantage. However Bakura realises that attacking Garouzeis would draw out Yugi’s Dark Magician, allowing Joey to counter with his Black Skull dragon and win the duel.

As Yugi begins his turn, he warns Joey that he won’t fall for a bluff like that. Instead he plays a card under one of the other hats. As Joey contemplates what to do, he wonders what the other card was. In previous duels, Yugi has trapped one of the other hats, but Joey would expect that so it could be a bluff. As Joey confuses himself as to whether the card is a trap or not, he decides to attack anyway. Attacking with the Black Skull Dragon, he destroys a second hat but once again finds nothing.

At this point, Pegasus becomes aroused by the strong bonds of friendship that the two duellists have and begins to remember his own true love. The woman’s name was Cecelia and she and Pegasus were deeply in love until tragedy struck and she passed away. Now Pegasus has become selfish and bitter, determined to fight for what he wants.

As focus returns to the battle, Joey attacks the Magical Hats again, but this time his Black Skull Dragon is caught by Yugi’s Spell Binding Circle, reducing its attack points. Now with both monsters vulnerable to Yugi’s Magician, Joey switches Garouzeis to defence mode in order to protect his life points.

With the Dark Magician and Black Skull Dragon at similar attack levels, a stalemate has begun between the two monsters. But with his experience of fighting Pegasus, Yugi is determined to win, doubting that Joey could face the power of the Millennium Eye were he to have to duel Pegasus. Playing the Book of Secret Arts, Yugi raises the power of his Dark Magician and then attacks Joey’s Dragon. The attack rips through the Black Skull Dragon, destroying it, but Joey’s life points remain in tact. Worried at the change of power, Joey does not realise that Yugi is hoping to utilise the Book of Secret Arts’ other magical powers in the upcoming turns. Drawing the Baby Dragon, Joey plays it in attack mode and also lays another card face down.

Confident that the other card is the Time Wizard, Yugi attacks the Baby Dragon in order to destroy it before Joey can use the Time Roulette. But as the Dark Magician attacks, Joey activates the Kunai Whip Chain, trapping the Dark Magician. Shocked at his wrong prediction, Yugi can only watch as Joey makes what could be the final move of the game.

Drawing the Time Wizard, Joey plays it down, realising that it is the one card that could seal the match for either player. If it lands on a Time Machine, Joey’s Baby Dragon will transform into the powerful Thousand Dragon, but if it lands on a Skull, Joey’s life points will be eliminated. Not only is it the card that will seal the match, but it is also ironic that the card was given to Joey by Yugi as a sign of their friendship on the way to the Duellist Kingdom.

Spinning the Time Roulette, the two friends watch tensely as the arrow spins. But as it lands on a Time Machine, the time warp begins, spinning the field 1,000 years into the future. As Joey’s Baby Dragon grows into the Thousand Dragon, Yugi’s Dark Magician has withered to a weak old man. But as Joey orders the finishing attack, Yugi activates Makiou, the Magical Mist, and counters the Thousand Dragon’s attack.

As Joey looks shocked that Yugi played the Magic card during his turn, Yugi explains that the Book of Secret Arts gives the Dark Magician mystical powers that take a thousand years to perfect, and that the Time Wizard’s time warp gave him the time to transform into the powerful Dark Sage which allows Yugi to play magic cards on both players’ turns.

Playing Monster Reborn, Yugi revives the Black Skull Dragon and prepares to attack. But even though he is upset that he will lose the match, Joey encourages Yugi to make the move, pleased that one of the two friends is going to win. As the Skull Dragon attacks, Joey’s life points are wiped out and Yugi wins the match.

After the match ends, Yugi and Joey meet with their friends outside the arena. Joey offers Yugi his Glory of the King’s Hand card so that Yugi can claim the prize money, but Yugi insists that Joey keeps the money for Serenity’s operation, explaining that he was only in the tournament to save his Grandpa. As Joey tries to hold back the tears, he tells Yugi to take down Pegasus for the two of them. But will even Yugi be able to defeat an opponent as resourceful as Pegasus?