Best of Friends, Best of Duelists (1)

Having defeated their two opponents in two of their toughest matches ever, Joey an Yugi are about to go face to face in battle in order to seal the result of the Duel Monsters tournament. Both are duelling for close family; Joey for the money for his sister Serenity’s operation to save her eyesight, and Yugi for the right to fight Pegasus and win back his Grandpa’s soul. However with two best friends duelling for the title, it could be the most difficult match for both duellists.

As Yugi tries to back out, arguing that he can’t face having to duel Joey, his friend and now arch-rival reminds him that they both promised to fight an honourable duel if the both reached the final round. Yugi agrees that Joey is right and prepares to duel better than ever.

But before the two begin, Pegasus decides to make a rousing speech, declaring the two duellists the best in the world and requesting that they duel at their very best, reminding them that he will know if they are not doing so (through the use of the Millennium Eye). Joey thanks Yugi for helping him get this far, but Yugi tells him that it was his own hard work that got him here.

As the two promise not to go easy on each other, Bakura and Pegasus both sense that the two will be duelling better than ever. However while Bakura is concerned for his two friends, Pegasus is merely amused by the twist of two friends having to fight as rivals in their biggest duel ever.

As the duel begins, Yugi plays his Celtic Guardian in attack mode and ends his turn. As his friends look on, they wonder if Joey will be able to defeat Yugi without the experience of truly intense duels. Bakura hopes wishfully that both friends will be able to get what they want, but Pegasus is more determined that he will be the only one getting what he wants, the souls of Yugi and Bakura and their respective Millennium Items.

Joey makes his move, playing Guiltia the Knight. Attacking Yugi’s Guardian, Joey takes the lead, reducing Yugi’s life points to 1550. But as Joey warns Yugi that he isn’t pulling any punches in this match, Yugi is shocked that Joey has left his Knight unprotected on the field. Calling a time out, he reminds Joey that in duels of this magnitude every play must count to the overall strategy or he will get creamed easily by strong duellists.

In order to demonstrate what he means, Yugi plays Gaia, the Fierce Knight and attacks, destroying Joey’s Guiltia and reducing his life points to 1550 as well. But as Joey plays the Armoured Lizard in defence mode, Yugi senses that Joey is beginning to spin together a strategy as does Pegasus, who uses the Millennium Eye to discover what Joey is planning.

As Yugi plays the Summon Skull, he attacks Joey’s Lizard and destroys it. But rather than being surprised by this, Joey is pleased as he had hoped Yugi would play the Skull to attack. Playing the Flame Swordsman, Joey uses the Shield and Sword card to reverse the attack and defence points of each monster, making Yugi’s Skull too weak to defend itself against the Swordsman. Attacking the Summon Skull, Joey’s Swordsman destroys it and takes another chunk out of Yugi’s life points, reducing them to 1150.

As Joey warns his friends that he has even stronger moves waiting in the wings, Yugi informs his friends that he too has strong moves to play. Playing the Curse of Dragon, Yugi uses the Polymerisation card to fuse his two monsters to form Gaia, the Dragon Champion. Attacking with his stronger fused monster, Yugi destroys Joey’s Swordsman and reduces his life points to 750.

As their friends duel below, Bakura, Taya and Tristan wonder if Joey is able to take the strain of such an intense duel, having to think on his feet and at such a high standard. However Bakura realises that both Yugi and Joey are pushing the other to the limit, ensuring that no matter who wins the duel they will be at their best to fight Pegasus.

Drawing his next card, Joey picks up the Copycat card. Noticing that he has the Graverobber card in his hand, he begins to realise that he can use the two in a combo to help clinch the match. Playing the Red Eyes Black Dragon, Joey uses the Graverobber to steal Yugi’s Summon Skull. As Joey prepares to make his next move, Yugi realises what he is planning and is shocked.

Playing the Copycat, Joey mimics Yugi’s Polymerisation card and uses it to fuse the two monsters to form the Black Skull Dragon. As the Black Skull Dragon attacks, it destroys Yugi’s Dragon Champion and reduces his life points to 550. With his awesome fused monster in play, Joey seems truly unstoppable.

But as Pegasus uses his Millennium Eye to find out what will happen as the duel progresses, the two friends taunt each other. As Joey warns Yugi that his Skull Dragon is about to win him the match, Yugi informs him that the duel is far from over. But does Yugi’s deck really have the strength to defeat the Black Skull Dragon, especially when he is currently unprotected?