Kieth’s Machination (1)

After defeating Mai in the first duel, Yugi advances to the second stage of the tournament as Pegasus applauds the amazing show. However the next first round match is still to be played, Joey against Bandit Keith. Joey is startled by the lack of time to prepare while Bandit Keith, the inter-continental champion, seems unnaturally calm. As Joey approaches the arena, he meets Yugi who is just leaving. Joey reminds him that if he wins this match, the two friends will be head-to-head against each other in the playoff finals. Joey seems uneasy about this, but Yugi promises that as long as they both duel well it will be an honourable duel and they will still be friends.

As Joey enters the arena, he finds Bandit Keith relaxing on a sofa. As the two duellists are asked to show their verification cards, Keith reveals Glory of the King’s Hand and is accepted for the duel. But as Joey prepares to show his card, he is unable to find it because, unknown to him, Keith stole it during the previous evening. After searching his pockets with no success, Joey is granted a 5-minute delay until 11:00 in order to find the card. If he is unable to find the card during that time he will be disqualified and Bandit Keith will automatically advance.

As Joey heads back to his room, Keith lays back down to relax, confident that Joey isn’t going to find the card. With three minutes to go, Joey is still unable to find his card and Keith is still relaxing, until the tournament organiser tells him that unless he is on the duelling platform at 11:00, he will also be disqualified. Complaining about being disturbed, Keith gets up and enters the duelling platform. Yugi considers offering Joey his card, but without it Yugi would be unable to duel Pegasus for his Grandpa’s soul.

With one minute to go, Keith is so confident that Joey is not going to return with the card that he tells Joey’s friends that Joey probably lost the card on purpose because he was scared to duel Keith after the incident in the cave (Arena of Lost Souls). However Yugi disagrees with Keith, arguing that Joey would never back away from a duel, even if he didn’t think he could win.

Meanwhile Joey has given up the search for his card and, having lost his only chance to help his sister, begins to cry. Mai arrives and tells him to stop complaining, lending him her hankie to dry his eyes with. As she goes to turn away, Mai tells Joey that he is always surprising her, explaining that she knows about his sister. Using the hankie, Joey notices Mai’s Glory of the King’s Hand is inside it. He thanks her and she tells him that she didn’t need it anyway, having lost her duel. Joey asks her if they are finally friends, but she ignores him, telling him to take Bandit Keith down. But as Joey heads off, she admits to herself that maybe the two of them are friends after all.

As Joey makes his entrance into the arena, Keith mocks him, confident that he was unable to find the card. But when Joey reveals the card, Keith is equally shocked, not realising that Joey could have gotten the card from Mai. With both duellists ready and verified, the duel begins. Keith warns Joey that as the inter-continental champion he will easily win the match and that it barely qualifies as a warm-up match for his duel against Pegasus. However Joey argues that the title isn’t even that impressive and that he could find a better title inside a cereal packet.

For his first turn, Keith plays a monster card face-down in defence mode and when Joey’s turn begins he does the same. However as Keith begins his second turn, he switches the monster into attack mode, revealing it as the Pendulum Machine, the first mechanical monster that either Joey or Yugi has ever faced. The Pendulum Machine attacks Joey’s monster, destroying it, but Joey doesn’t seem too concerned. Now that Keith’s monster has been revealed, he knows its attack power and just has to play a stronger monster to defeat it. However as Joey plays Guiltia the Knight, Yugi is not so sure about the ease of the defeat, knowing that machines have some kind of special power.

As Joey’s Knight attacks, the blast, which should have destroyed the machine, is deflected away. A shocked Joey is informed by Bandit Keith that all of his machines are resistant to both magic cards and magical attacks. Playing the Launcher Spider, another machine, Joey realises that Keith’s deck is most likely full of machines, all impervious to Joey’s magical attacks. As the Spider attacks, it wipes out Joey’s Knight and reduces his life points to 1650.

For his next turn, Joey plays two cards; one face-down and a monster face-down in defence mode. This angers Keith who is unable to attack Joey’s life points if he keeps playing monsters in defence. Playing one card face-down, Keith prepares to play a monster in defence, but accidentally drops it face up revealing, just for a second, what it looks like. Joey is pleased by this mistake, as the card Keith revealed was not a machine but a shadow monster called Zoa. However as Joey prepares to attack with his Flame Swordsman, powered up with the Salamandra card, Yugi realises that Keith meant to drop the card.

Zoa’s attack points are stronger than its defence points, so it made no sense playing it in defence unless it was intended as a trap. As Joey attacks, Keith activates his Magic Metal Force card, transforming Zoa into Metal Zoa, a monster with metal armour able to deflect attacks back at where they came from. Destroying the Flame Swordsman with its own attack, Joey’s life points drop to 1150.

Not content with destroying Joey’s Swordsman, Keith uses Stop Defence to reveal Joey’s other monster on the field, the Axe Raider. Having forced the Axe Raider into attack mode, Keith attacks it with Metal Zoa but is caught in Joey’s Chasm of Spikes trap card, reducing Keith’s life points to 1250. Yugi praises Joey’s use of traps to stop the machines and Joey becomes cocky. Playing one card face-down, he warns Keith that it’s a trap. Then he switches the Axe Raider back into defence mode and plays Garouzeis in attack mode. Attacking the Pendulum Machine, Garouzeis destroys it and reduces Keith’s life points to 1200.

Not fooled by Joey’s poor attempt at a bluff, Keith attacks with his Launcher Spider but is snared by the Kunai Whip Chain. Shocked that Joey was not bluffing, the Spider is destroyed and Keith’s life points fall to 1100. However as Joey taunts Keith, the inter-continental champion warns him that he hasn’t yet played the strongest machines in his deck and warns Joey that when he runs out of traps the real fun will begin.