The Night Before

After witnessing Kaiba’s defeat at the hands (and Millennium Eye) of Pegasus, the gang (and Bandit Keith) retire to a banquet in the dining hall. While eating, the tournament co-ordinator arrives to congratulate the four duellists on reaching the final playoffs, and reminds them that they must present the playoff cards in order to qualify for the final rounds.

All four look blankly back at him until he explains that the cards in question are the two that were sent out with the tournament invitations: Glory of the King’s Hand and Glory of the King’s Opposite Hand. Each card will grant the player access to the final stage, but each brings with it a different prize. Glory of the King’s Hand allows the duellist to claim the $3,000,00 prize while Glory of the King’s Opposite Hand grants the duellist the right to duel Pegasus for the championship title.

Joey is immediately concerned as he never received an invitation in the first place, bumming his initial star chip off of Yugi. Bandit Keith is also lacking the cards for some reason, meaning that he will need to steal one in order to qualify. As the soup is laid out for the duellists, they each discover an “eye” inside the bowl. Inside the eye is a randomly distributed letter that will allocate them their duelling rival in the first round of the playoffs.

In the first round of the playoffs, Yugi (A) will face Mai (B) while Joey (D) is up against Bandit Keith (C). Joey is excited by this, ready to seek revenge on Bandit Keith for trapping him and the others inside the cave. Meanwhile Yugi and Mai seem to be looking forward to duelling, but will Mai be able to defeat Yugi when she lost to Joey?

As the duellists prepare to retire to bed for the night, Joey confesses to Yugi that he might as well give up now because he doesn’t have either of the playoff cards. But Yugi kindly offers Joey his Glory of the King’s Hand card so that they both have a chance of winning the tournament. Bandit Keith is furious at this, because it means that he is the only duellist left without a playoff card.

That evening all four duellists prepare in different ways. Joey crashes out into a deep sleep dreaming about gigantic doughnuts?! while Yugi is looking forward to seeing his Grandpa again once he defeats Pegasus. Mai is preparing to fine tune her deck ready for her duel against Yugi while Bandit Keith is lying in wait to steal a playoff card from one of the other duellists.

Taya and the guys are also restless, but for a different reason. Tristan is sure that Pegasus cheated in his duel against Kaiba and is determined to find out how. The three return to the duelling arena and after a long time of searching they discover a shaft of moonlight shining into the arena onto Kaiba’s duelling platform. After closer inspection they discover a hole that lines up where Kaiba’s cards would have been with a tower on the other side of the castle.

Meanwhile Yugi hears his Grandpa calling out to him, warning him to beware of Pegasus. As the duellist heads off to find the source of his Grandpa’s voice, the three continue their quest to find the origin of Pegasus’s cheating. They find a grappling hook and some rope, and Tristan suggests that they climb to the tower to avoid being spotted. Back in her bedroom, Mai is preparing her deck in order to increase her chances of defeating Yugi, but as he has watched two of her matches, she will need to think up new strategies if she wants any hope of winning against him.

Following the voice he can hear, Yugi discovers the card with his Grandpa’s soul. The card warns him that Pegasus is stronger than anybody could imagine and that he is growing stronger with every new soul he absorbs. He warns Yugi that Pegasus is after his Millennium puzzle because it will give him untold strength and that in order to defeat him, Yugi must harness the true power of his Millennium Item. If he does not, Pegasus will be able to unleash Armageddon on the world.

As the three arrive in the tower, Bakura discovers a large painting masked by the shadows. As they search for a light switch, the room mysteriously illuminates, revealing the identity of the painting’s subject. The woman in the red dress is not somebody the three have met, but it is identical to a painting in the dining hall, so Taya assumes that the woman must be special to Pegasus. But as they debate who she is, Pegasus arrives and begins to taunt the three for being where they shouldn’t be. Tristan warns Pegasus that they know he cheated against Kaiba, but he denies the fact and punishes the three for breaking into his tower by trapping them inside the Millennium Eye.

As the room dissolves around them, the three find themselves in an Egyptian tomb, witnessing some kind of ritual. Taya notices the picture of the woman is in this room as well, but they still have no idea as to who she could be. As they watch the ritual, they begin to realise that it is an ancient Shadow Game, and as the duel ends the winner unmasks to reveal himself as Pegasus.

Back in the real world, Yugi wakes up in the middle of his Grandpa’s pep talk, but has the event been nothing more than a dream?

In the Shadow Realm, Pegasus tells the three that the loser of the duel has been cast into the Shadow Realm and that with each new soul he is growing stronger. He tells them that even though the Millennium Eye gives him great powers, he craves the power to control life and death. But as he prepares to trap the three within the Shadow Realm forever, Bakura’s Millennium Ring is activated, reviving the dark soul inside of him.

Yami Bakura warns Pegasus that he will never wield all of the Millennium Items. He then returns the friends to the real world, erasing their memories of the events so that they believe that it was nothing more than a dream. Yami Bakura begins to crave Pegasus’s Millennium Eye in order to give him more power.

Meanwhile Bandit Keith sneaks into Joey’s room and steals the Glory of the King’s Hand card and Mai finishes preparing her deck ready to duel against Yugi. Yugi is meanwhile considering what his Grandpa said to him and how he will be able to unlock the power of his Millennium Puzzle. But little does he realise the power struggle that could ensue between Pegasus and Bakura for the power of the three Millennium Items if he unlocks the Puzzle’s true powers.