Face Off (3)

With no monster in his hand capable of surviving an attack from Kaiba’s Ultimate Blue-Eyes, Yugi draws what could be his final card, Kuriboh, and decides to play it. As the monster appears on the field, Kaiba is amused to see that Yugi has played the weakest monster in the whole of Duel Monsters as his final card. However as Kaiba unleashes the attack that will finish of Yugi’s life points, Yugi reveals the Multiply card.

As Kaiba looks on bewildered, the Kuriboh begins to multiply until there are hundreds of them filling Yugi’s side of the field. Yugi warns Kaiba that he know has many monsters to defend his life points, but Kaiba is not worried as he orders his Blue-Eyes to destroy the monsters. However as the neutron blast destroys some of the Kuriboh, the others continue to multiply.

Yugi congratulates Kaiba on having created the ultimate attack force, but he warns him that he has created the ultimate defence and that Kaiba must destroy all of the Kuriboh before he can damage Yugi’s life points. To end his turn, Yugi decides to take a leaf out of Kaiba’s book and create a new fusion. However rather than using two of his own monsters, Yugi reveals the Living Arrow, a card that allows him to fuse monsters with those belonging to his opponent.

As Yugi fuses his Mammoth graveyard with Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes, the fusion does not work correctly because of the different types of the two monsters and Kaiba’s dragon begins to decay, losing 1200 ATK points each turn, and with no way to reverse the fusion Kaiba can only watch as his Blue-Eyes grows weaker and weaker.

Taya is pleased to see her friend pull back from the brink of defeat and Bandit Keith, still watching from the tower, senses that Yugi won’t let anything stop him from winning the duel. As Kaiba’s turn begins, he once again tries to destroy the Kuriboh but his weakened Blue-Eyes is unable to eliminate all of them, and as Yugi’s turn begins the Blue-Eyes’ ATK falls to 2100.

Passing his turn back to Kaiba, Yugi knows that there is no way for Kaiba to stop the decaying or to eliminate the Kuriboh, and as another assault on Yugi’s defence fails, the Blue-Eyes’ ATK falls to just 900, making it weak enough for any of Yugi’s monsters to finish it off.

As Kaiba tries to come to terms with the fact that he is going to lose, he is unable to stand the fact that he has failed Mokuba and broken his promise. Yugi plays the Celtic Guardian and destroys one of the Blue-Eyes’ heads, reducing Kaiba’s life points to 400, but as he does so Kaiba decides that there is only one way to win the duel.

Realising that he has no card that can win him the duel, Kaiba decides to use another tactic and backs himself up to the ledge of the annex wall. Yugi calls out for him to stop, but Kaiba warns him that is Yugi attacks his Blue-Eyes again, the shock of the attack may knock him off of the roof. Knowing that Yugi would never be willing to hurt anybody, Kaiba hopes to force his opponent to surrender and decides to make things more interesting by using Monster Reborn to resurrect the third Blue-Eyes head, free from the decaying effects of Yugi’s Mammoth.

Kaiba warns Yugi that if he doesn’t defeat him on the next turn, Kaiba will attack the Celtic Guardian with his Blue-Eyes and eliminate the last of Yugi’s life points. As Yugi hesitates, not wanting to attack, Yami is determined to defeat Kaiba, sensing no other way to save Yugi’s grandpa. However as Yami orders the attack, Taya calls out for Yugi to stop and Yugi takes control of his body, calling off the attack at the last moment.

As Yugi collapses to the ground, frightened at his confrontation with Yami, Kaiba attacks Yugi’s Guardian and eliminates the last of his life points. As the terrified Yugi continues to cry, Kemo informs Pegasus that Kaiba has won the duel, a fact that greatly pleases Pegasus. As Yugi tries to explain that he almost couldn’t control Yami, the others are unsure what he means and Bakura explains about the spirits of the Millennium Items. Worried that Yami may take over again and try to hurt his friends, Yugi decides to never duel again.

Kaiba taunts Yugi, claiming that he was too weak to win the duel, Taya tells him that while Yugi may have lost the duel, Kaiba has lost his heart, however Kaiba is not concerned with Taya’s ranting as he has the only thing that he needs, enough star chips to gain access to the castle to duel Pegasus. As Yugi continues to cry, Kaiba heads off for the castle, ready to make Pegasus pay for everything that he has done to Mokuba.