Face Off (2)

As the duel between Yugi and Kaiba continues, Yugi’s friends are still confident that he will win but Yugi is not so sure, worried that Kaiba isn’t toying with him like he usually does when duelling. As Kaiba plays the De-Spell card, destroying Yugi’s Swords of Revealing Light, we warns his rival that there is no way to defeat him now that he has lost Exodia.

With Kaiba’s La Jinn still safe inside the Ancient Lamp, Yugi plays the Eye of Truth to allow him to see Kaiba’s hand, and is surprised to learn that Kaiba has a Blue-Eyes in his hand but hasn’t played it, not knowing Kaiba’s plan to fuse all three Blue-Eyes together. Knowing what cards Kaiba has in his hand, Yugi plays the Mystic Box, destroying Kaiba’s Ancient Lamp, and then uses the Dark magician to eliminate La Jinn, reducing Kaiba’s life points to 800.

As Kaiba threatens Yugi with the promise that he will eventually play the Blue-Eyes, he decides to teach Yugi a lesson, playing Saggi the Dark Clown and equipping it, face down, with the Crush card virus. Having seen kaiba’s hand on the last turn, Yugi knows that Kaiba hadn’t had any trap cards, but as he doesn’t know what Kaiba drew at the beginning of this turn Yugi decides to recall the Dark Magician, playing Gaia the Fierce Knight instead.

However as Yugi’s monster destroys the Dark Clown, both of Yugi’s monsters are destroyed as well as the Crush virus spreads through Yugi’s deck, infecting all monsters with an ATK of 1500 or higher and making them unable to be played. As Yugi’s friends continue to cheer him on, they begin to worry that Yugi won’t be able to win if he is forced to play only weak monsters and magic cards

Yugi draws the Summoned Skull, but it is infected with the virus and so he plays Silver Fang in defence mode, however as Kaiba draws his second Blue-Eyes, he plays the Battle Ox, destroying Yugi’s monster. As Kaiba grows confident that he will win, Yugi plays Gryphor onto the field, powering it up with the Horn of the Unicorn to make it stronger than Kaiba’s Ox, reducing his life points to 600.

Shocked by the combo attack, Kaiba uses the Mystical Elf’s Blessing to increase his life points to 900 before playing his first Blue-Eyes, destroying Yugi’s monster and reducing his life points to 400. As Yugi worries about Kaiba’s more serious duelling strategy, Kaiba warns him that he will soon know what fear really is.

Playing the Giant Soldier of Stone in defence mode, Yugi thinks that he might still have a chance to win the duel, but as Kaiba draws the Polymerisation card he decides that the time has come to unleash his most powerful monster. As Kaiba activates the Fusion of his Blue-Eyes, he reminds Yugi of how he struggled against three separate Blue-Eyes, warning him that he will have no chance against his new monster, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Realising that this is why Kaiba held off playing his Blue-Eyes, Yugi is impressed but unable to see a way to defeat his rival using the cards in his hand. Relishing every moment of the duel, Kaiba orders his dragon to attack, destroying Yugi’s Stone Soldier.

As Yugi’s friends cheer him on, Yugi refuses to give up, promising to fight on until the very end, a quality that Kaiba likes about him. However with no cards in his hand that can overcome Kaiba’s dragon, everything rests on what could be Yugi’s final card of the duel.