The Tale That Ends in the Light

Yugi does his best to fend off the attacks of Atemu’s “Black Magician.” He plays the Magic Card, “The Seal of the Golden Chest.” It negates the effects of another magic card that is stored within its confines. Yugi finally manages to defeat “Black Magician” with his “Silent Magician.” Atemu tried to revive Osiris with “Raise Dead.” Yugi opens the golden chest and reveals the “Raise Dead” stowed inside. This is Yugi’s final message to Atemu: “Those of the dead should not return to life.”

Atemu (700 LP) has summoned Black Magician (ATK 2800), strengthened with the Tome of Secrets (Magic Equip), onto the field with one set card on his side. Yugi (800 LP) has summoned the Curse of Dragon (ATK 2000). Yugi is visibly nervous because the Black Magician can easily defeat his monster. He is not willing to lose though. He draws and summons a monster in defense face-down and changes Curse of Dragon into defense mode. Yugi then ends his turn.

On the sidelines, Honda is worried because all Yugi can do is to protect his lifepoints. Jounouchi believes in Yugi though and is certain the face-down card will help.

Atemu studies the face-down monster and comes to the conclusion it must be Yugi’s Marshmellow (Effect Monster). Atemu figures out a way to circumvent the monster’s special effect. It is now his turn. He draws and places Thousand Knives (Magic) into play. Atemu uses Black Magician to command the knives to destroy the face-down Marshmellow and prevents the special effect from activating. Atemu then commands Black Magician to attack Curse of Dragon and clears Yugi’s side of the field.

Concern arises among those on the sideline. Honda points out the obvious, that Yugi no longer has any monsters on his side of the field. Sugoroku shouts for Yugi to not give up and do his best. Yugi knows it is a bad situation now that he is face to face with the Black Magician. Atemu tells Yugi it is now his turn.

Yugi draws his next card and summons Blockman (Effect Monster) in face-up defense (1500 DEF). He then sets a card face-down on his field. He ends his turn with just that.

Atemu draws and equips Black Spear (Magic Equip) to Black Magician. Black Spear allows Atemu to attack a defense monster and subtract the difference from Yugi’s lifepoints as if it were in attack mode. He commands it to attack Yugi’s Blockman but Yugi counters with his set card, Soul Shield (Trap). A shield forms around Blockman and repels the Black Magician’s attack as well as ends Atemu’s Battle Phase, but Yugi sacrifices half of his lifepoints as a result. Yugi now has 400 LP. Atemu can only end his turn then.

Jounouchi breathes a loud sigh of relief. There is some general discussion about the state of each opponent’s lifepoints. Jounouchi is worried about how Anzu is so glued to the proceedings of the duel.

Yugi declares that it is now his turn.

Atemu notices then that one of the proturding buttons on Blockman’s chest lights up next to the originally lit one.

Yugi draws and puts The Seal of the Golden Chest (Field Magic) into play. Yugi takes a card from his deck and place it into the confines of the chest. The card is lowered into the chest with the back facing Atemu so only Yugi knows what card he placed within. The chest closes again but remains suspended on the field.

Jounouchi wonders aloud what the card does. Honda comments on how the chest resembles that which the Millennium Puzzle was originally kept in. Anzu can felt but name it aptly, the “chest of fate,” for it will decide either Yugi’s or Atemu’s fate.

Yugi continues with his turn in the meanwhile. He activates Blockman’s special effect and Blockman separates into two different monsters. With these two monsters, Yugi then sacrifices the two to summon Destructive Dragon Gondola (Effect Monster).

Anzu recognizes it to be the monster Yugi had summoned in the Memory World to defeat Bakura’s dark personality who had taken over Honda.

Yugi then activates Gondola’s special effect. By sacrificing half of his lifepoints and Gondola, Yugi can destroy all monsters on the field. Atemu, however, counters with his set trap card, Black Illusion. Black Magician vanishes from the field right before it is hit by Gondola’s attack and Gondola is defeated. Black Magician reappears on the field as Atemu explains the trap’s effect. It also calls for Yugi to draw one card. Yugi sets two cards face down and ends his turn.

Everyone else in the audience is worried for Yugi. Yugi has an open field with only 200 LP left. It appears Atemu may win this one.

Atemu draws a card and calls for Black Magician to attack Yugi directly. However, Yugi reveals one of his set cards, Magician’s Circle (Trap). The effect of the trap is such that when a player is attacked by a Magician monster, the player is allowed to special summon a Magician monster from his or her own deck. Yugi chooses Silent Magician (Effect Monster, LVL 0, ATK 1000) in attack mode. However, the card effect also extends to Atemu. Atemu chooses Black Magician Girl (Effect Monster, ATK 2000) in attack mode. Atemu tells Black Magician to attack Silent Magician. Yugi seems to brace for the attack.

Black Magician comes ever so closer to wiping out Silent Magician. At the last possible second, Yugi reveals his other set card, the Textbooks of Magic (Quick-Play Magic). As a result of the effect of the card, Yugi is able to draw one card. He draws the Treasures of Heaven (Magic). As a result, Atemu and Yugi draw six cards each and adds them to their hands.

Silent Magician’s special effect is activated. For each card the opponent (Atemu) draws from his deck, Silent Magician gains a level and 1000 attack points each card. Thus, Silent Magician is now at level 5 with 3500 attack points. Black Magician is then forced into following through with Atemu’s command but its attack power is now 200 points less than that of Silent Magician.

Kaiba observes the fact that Atemu only has 700 LP so if this attack carries through, Yugi will win the duel.

Black Magician Girl turns to Atemu and the two share a look. Atemu plays the quick-play magic card, Magician’s Cross. It causes Black Magician Girl to join in with Black Magician’s attack, resulting in an attack strength of 3000 points. Both Black Magician and Black Magician Girl are defeated as a result but Atemu only loses 500 LP.

Atemu says that even though Black Magician is defeated, his life still remains. He is now tied with Yugi. He then continues to tell Yugi that Yugi’s Treasures of the Heaven has given him the card he needs to win. That card is Raise Dead (aka Reborn the Monster, Magic). Atemu uses it to revive Saint Dragon Osiris. Since Osiris’ attack points are based on the number of cards in the player’s hand, it has an attack strength of 4000.

Atemu thinks to himself, “Aibou, I win.”

Yugi has his eyes close and is contemplating his current situation. He understands now. The golden chest Yugi set on the field begins glowing. It lowers itself as the lid is rolled back. Light pours out and shines brightly from inside the chest. The audience watch avidly as the sealed card within is lifted up and unveiled.

It is Raise Dead.

Due to the fact Yugi sealed his own Raise Dead card in the chest earlier in the game, the effect of Atemu’s card is rendered useless. Osiris fades from the field.

Isis knows that this is Yugi’s last message to Atemu. Atemu, the spirit of a long-past pharaoh, can remain no longer. He must return to the Underworld. Atemu himself sees and understands this message as well.

Yugi’s body shakes with suppressed tears. With tears in his eyes, Yugi orders Silent Magician to directly attack Atemu. Silent Magician shoots a orb of blinding light out of its staff and wipes out the last of Atemu’s lifepoints.

The monsters and the chest fade away in orbs of rainbow colors. The duel is over. Yugi has won. Yugi collapses onto his knees and is unable to hold back the tears anymore. He is still clutching the cards that were in his hand.

Atemu approaches the crying Yugi and says without remorse, “I have lost, Aibou,” he kneels down Yugi. “Stand up. What is a winner doing kneeling like this? If I were you, I wouldn’t show my tears.”

The tears flow freely from Yugi’s eyes. He won’t even look up at Atemu. “It’s because I’m weak. I have always wanted to be like you. I wanted to be strong like you. Always.”

Atemu smiles in an endearing manner, “You’re not weak. Didn’t you have the strength of not losing to anyone? You have a strength called “kindness.” You taught me that. Aibou.”

Yugi finally looks up at Atemu. Atemu lays his hands on each of Yugi’s shoulders and helps him to stand up and continues, “You had the courage to accept this battle and showed me the path I must follow.”

Yugi breathes, “The other me…”

“No, I am not the other you anymore,” Atemu takes his hands off Yugi’s shoulder and takes a step back. “And you aren’t anyone but yourself. You are the only one named Mutou Yugi.”

Yugi’s eyebrows draw together in determination and he nods.

The Wadjet Eye on the door begins to shine with a fierce light. It is ready to accept Atemu’s soul. Isis steps forward and tells Atemu to declare his name. Atemu stands before the stone slate and the door and says, “I am Atemu.”

The door begins to slide open and a gust of wind rushes forward, rustling Atemu’s hair. Atemu watches the door open with unwavering determination. He begins to walk forward into the light beyond the door. He stops in his track when he hears several voices cry in unison, “Yugi!”

Anzu, Jounouchi, and Honda rush forward. Anzu tells Atemu to wait. Honda asks if Atemu truly has to leave. Yugi steps forwards and his tears begin anew though he tries to wipe them away with his sleeve.

Anzu can not hold back her sorrow any longer. “Mou Hitori no Yugi. No. Atemu. On the other side of the light is that place you must return to. I understand that… But…that light is nothing but the boundary line of goodbye between us and you… I still don’t understand this! We are friends always and you’re going to disappear in front of our eyes… I don’t understand why!”

The blond bangs shadow Jounouchi’s eyes. “Anzu, it’s okay if you don’t understand. Because you don’t know why, you’ll want all the things about him in your mind. The time you’ve spent with him…and your feelings…so you definitely won’t ever forget,” Jounouchi squeezes his eyes shut as the tears trail down his cheeks. “So see him off. To his future.”

Atemu’s eyes are closed. Everyone…

Anzu places her hand over her heart. She will never forget him.

“Yugi!” Jounouchi gathers his courage. “You may be Pharaoh. You may be Atemu. You are still Yugi! Even across thousands of years, we will always be friends.”

Atemu turns slightly and nods, “Yes.”

Yugi declares he will never forget Atemu. Jounouchi gives Atemu the thumbs-up in the background. Atemu returns the gesture as he continues toward the light again.

As Atemu passes into the light, his outer appearance changes to that of his Pharaoh attire. The royal purple cloak flutters in his wake. A group of people become visible within the light. It is the six priests, Mana, and Atemu’s father that are waiting. Atemu fades into the brilliant light.

On the other side, the door begins sliding shut. Anzu steps forward, as if she wants to follow. Jounouchi grabs one of her shoulders and shakes his head in disagreement. The door shuts with a shudder that shakes the chamber.

“Yugi!” Anzu begins quietly sobbing again.

The trails of tears down Yugi’s cheeks are still fresh. “The other me…”

The silence does not last as the chamber begins to quake. Chips of stone rain down from the ceiling. The stone slate with all the Millennium Items break apart to reveal a circular hole in the platform. The pieces of the slate and the Items fall into the darkness of the hole.

All of them are forced to flee as the pillars supporting the chamber begin to collapse. If anyone had looked back, they would have seen the apparition of Shadii standing admist the ruins. All of them escape the underground temple to the outside safely.

Isis says, “The Pharaoh’s soul has been received and purpose of the Millennium Items are fulfilled, I think the door to the Underworld will never open again.”

“He went there…” Honda wonders aloud. “Didn’t he?”

“Ah.” Jounouchi says in reply.

The sequence of the ending song show various scenes of life concerning other Yu-Gi-Oh characters. They are as follow:

Yugi and crew are in a airplane and Kaiba’s Blue Eyes pulls up next to it. Kaiba’s plane then jets ahead while the others are watching from inside the plane.

When their plane lands, Yugi-tachi finds Rebecca and Arthur waiting for them at the airport. Rebecca hugs Yugi and Anzu does not look so happy behind them. Jounouchi looks up and notices Shizuka coming toward them. Both Honda and Otogi rush forward but Jounouchi grabs them both by the back of their shirts and pulls them back. Jounouchi releases them to give his sister a thumbs-up. Shizuka then appears to be saying something to Yugi.

Dinosaur Ryuuzaki and Insector Haga are going head to head with each other. They appear to be having a disagreement. They jump back and Ryuuzaki furiously points and waves at Haga. Ryuuzaki activates his Duel Disk and Haga follows his example.

Sieg and Leon von Schraider are standing in Pegasus’ office. Pegasus is seated behind his desk. facing the window with his back to the two brothers. Sieg appears to be trying to pitch something to Pegasus but Pegasus remains as he is, facing the window with his arms folded across his chest. Sieg implores further but still receives no reaction. Seeing his older brother’s downcast expression, Leon tries as well. Pegasus finally turns around and says something to them with a hand gesture. The two brothers look at each other in joy.

You see a flag with the characters for “big fish.” The camera pans out to reveal Kajiki Ryouta stands at the head of a boat headed for port. Kajiki spots Esper Roba and his brothers waiting on the dock ahead. Esper Roba raises his left arm with a Duel Disk strapped to it in a challenge.

Two hands high-five in the air. The camera pans out to show Kujaku Mai and Vivian Wong pumped ready for a team dug against Mei and Kyuu (the Labyrinth Brothers). They are dueling on the Great Wall of China.


Another day begins in Domino and Sugoroku is sweeping the sidewalk in front of the Kame Game Shop. Yugi comes bursting out of the front door and says, “Jii-chan, I’m leaving.”

Sugoroku calls after his grandson, “Be careful then.”

Anzu, Honda, and Jounouchi are waiting down the street. Anzu waves and calls out a “good morning.”

“Good morning, everyone!” Yugi shouts as he races toward them.

They meet up and begin walking to school together. Yugi’s voice is heard narrating over the scenes to follow: “This isn’t the story of a Pharaoh. This is a story ends in the light. And…my story has just begun.”