Face Off (1)

As Kaiba considers the chance to duel Yugi again, Pegasus throws him five star chips telling him that he can play Yugi for the other five. Kaiba wants to know why Pegasus is doing this, but he dodges the question, merely saying that he wants to see Kaiba crush Yugi in a duel. Agreeing to the duel, Kaiba heads off to find Yugi, but warns Pegasus that he will be back.

Outside the castle, the gang has finally made their way out of the underground passageways and have emerged next to Pegasus’s castle. As Yugi and Joey prepare to head to the castle, Taya is really proud of the way that Yugi has come on since the start of the contest and begins to suspect that there may be two Yugis, the normal one and the one that duels.

As she recalls the two different Yugis that they met during the duel against Bakura, she tries to ask Yugi about it but the others call for the two of them to hurry up because they want to get into the castle. As the others head off, Taya remembers the way Yugi helped her out once when she told him about wanting to be a dancer. He found a dance studio that she could use, but when they went to check it out Taya was attacked and the other Yugi had to save her.

Taya asks Yugi what he remembers about that day, but he tells her that when he came to the mugger was already down and he didn’t know what had happened. As the gang calls out again for the two to hurry up, the all head off for Pegasus’s castle, only to kind Kaiba there waiting for them. As the group wonder why he is there, Kaiba challenges Yugi to duel him for the right to face Pegasus but Yugi refuses, not wanting to risk his star chips on a revenge match.

As Kaiba taunts Yugi and calls him a coward, Joey challenges Kaiba but the others hold him back, reminding him of what happened last time the two duelled. Kaiba is shocked to see that Joey has earned ten star chips, but is still determined to fight Yugi, telling his rival that he now understands the heart of the cards. Sensing Kaiba’s newfound passion, Yugi is unable to refuse and as the Puzzle causes him to transform, Taya notices the change in him once again.

As the group heads off to the duelling field on the annex roof, Bandit Keith arrives and gains entrance to the castle, but Kemo tells him that the real action is just about to start. As Yugi and Kaiba prepare to duel, each player puts five star chips up for grabs and then loads their deck into one of Kaiba’s duelling discs. As Keith looks on from one of the towers, he is surprised to see that Yugi and the others escaped the tunnels, but looks forwards to watching the match.

As the duel begins, Kaiba plays Ryu-Kishin, but Yugi’s Curse of Dragon easily destroys it, reducing his life points to 1600. However as Yugi grows confident at his early lead, Kaiba plays Swordstalker, a monster that gains a 20% ATK bonus is a monster has been destroyed. However as Kaiba’s powered-up monster attacks, Yugi uses Monster Replace to switch his Curse of Dragon for the Dark Magician, destroying the Swordstalker and knocking Kaiba’s life points down to 1500.

As Kaiba looks on unfazed, Yugi replays the Curse of Dragon onto the field and ends his turn. For his next turn, Kaiba plays La Jinn, but as Yugi’s Dark Magician attacks it Kaiba reveals the Ancient Lamp, sealing his genie inside and reflecting the attack back at Curse of Dragon, reducing Yugi’s life points to 1500 as well.

Yugi congratulates Kaiba on the move, commenting that the scores are currently tied, but what Yugi doesn’t realise is that Kaiba is stalling until he can draw all three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, and that’s when the fun will really begin.