Double Trouble Duel (3)

As the Gate Guardian attacks Joey’s Swordsman, Yugi reveals the Mirror Force trap, reflecting the attack back at the monster. However the Guardian reflects the attack away from itself, much to the delight of the brothers until they see that the attack has been deflected towards their Monster Tamer, destroying it and reducing Para’s life points to 900. Elsewhere in Pegasus’s castle, the guards have given up searching for Kaiba and have decided to increase security around Mokuba instead. However as the guards head off to check on their prisoner, Kaiba follows them right to where his brother is being kept.

Back at the arena, Yugi tells Joey that their best tactic to destroy the Gate Guardian is to destroy it piece by piece. However as Joey’s Flame Swordsman attacks the middle section, the water section blocks the attack before flooding the labyrinth with water, destroying Joey’s Swordsman and reducing his life points to 1300. However as Yugi’s turn begins, he plays one card face down before playing his Summoned Skull.

As the Skull attacks, the water carries its attack through the maze to the Guardian, and as the Guardian tries to block the attack, the brothers are surprised to find that it cannot move. Yugi reveals that when Suijin flooded the labyrinth it also attacked his Magical Hat, activating the Spell Binding Circle trap card. As the Guardian is paralysed in its place, the Skull’s electrical attack destroys the water section, reducing Dox’s life points to 900 and causing the water on the field to disappear.

As Para’s turn begins, he uses Remove Trap to negate the Spell Binding Circle and then ends his turn, passing back to Joey who plays the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. As Yugi activates his Polymerisation card, the Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes fuse to form the Black Skull Dragon, a powerful force to be reckoned with. However as Joey prepares to move the monster, the brothers inform him that the labyrinth is a no-fly zone, meaning that the Dragon is unable to move through the maze.

As his turn begins, Dox plays Ryoku, taking half of Yugi and Joey’s life points and adding them to the ATK points of the Gate Guardian. For his turn, Yugi moves the Dark Magician out of the maze before playing Monster Reborn. But as Yugi revives his chosen monster, Para attacks with the Gate Guardian, not expecting Yugi to have revived Suijin, a monster with enough power to block the attack.

As Joey’s turn begins he draws the Copycat card and uses it to mimic Ryoku, reducing the brothers’ life points and increasing the Black Skull Dragon’s ATK to 4000. As Dox’s turn begins, he attacks Suijin who uses its tidal barrier to block the attack, however as Yugi is satisfied that his monster is safe, Dox fires a second wave of the attack, destroying Suijin and leaving the Dark Magician as the only monster able to attack the Gate Guardian.

As the two brothers mock Yugi and Joey’s failed efforts, Yugi plays Monster Replace, switching his Magician with the Black Skull Dragon, putting it in a position to attack and destroy the Gate Guardian. As the Dragon attacks it destroys the monster and wipes out the last of both Para and Dox’s life points. As the two duellists celebrate gaining ten star chips each, the Paradox brothers remind them that they still have the puzzle of the two doors.

As his friends puzzle what to do about the problem, Yugi explains that they can’t trust either brother and decides to settle the matter with a simple game. Taking two coins, one with Dox’s symbol and one with Para’s, Yugi puts one into each hand and then reveals the coin of the door that they won’t pick. As he reveals Dox’s coin, the brothers tell him that they picked wrong and that Dox’s door is the right one.

However as his friends are disheartened that they picked the wrong door, Yugi explains that no matter which door they had picked it would have been wrong as the brothers have to power to change which door is the correct one. Having known the trick, Yugi reveals that the coin in his other hand is also marked with Dox’s insignia and therefore they picked the correct door. Yugi explains that the second coin was actually marked with both symbols meaning that they couldn’t lose no matter which door was the right one.

As the gang head through the door and on their way out of the tunnels, Kaiba has finally found his way to Mokuba’s cell and after knocking out the guards is preparing to set his brother free as Pegasus arrives. As Kaiba threatens Pegasus, his brother’s captor warns him that in his castle the only one to make threats is he. Using the Millennium Eye, Pegasus seals Mokuba’s soul inside a card and tells him that the only way to free him is to beat Pegasus in a duel. However in order to duel Pegasus, Kaiba must first earn the right by defeating Yugi in a duel. But will Yugi be willing to duel his nemesis when he also has his sights set on defeating Pegasus?