Double Trouble Duel (2)

On his way to Pegasus’s castle to rescue his brother, Kaiba is on the look out for any guards lying in wait as Kemo tries to ambush him. As Kaiba winds him and knocks him down, he forces the guard to take him to the castle.

Meanwhile back underground the tag team duel is just beginning to heat up as Joey plays the Flame Swordsman before moving both his monsters four spaces into the Labyrinth. However as Joey’s monsters make their first steps into the maze, Dox moves his Labyrinth Tank a further seven spaces into the passages towards Yugi and Joey’s monsters.

As Yugi’s turn begins, he plays the Dark Magician, moving it five spaces into the maze to join his Celtic Guardian. However Para throws a spanner into the works as he activates the Magical Labyrinth card, transforming the Labyrinth passages and separating Yugi and Joey’s monsters from each other. As Tristan comments that a tag team is only as strong as its weakest member, Joey begins to worry that he will let Yugi down, but Yugi assures him that everything is fine.

However as Joey moves his monsters to regroup with Yugi’s, his Axe Raider activates Jirai Gumo and is destroyed by it, reducing Joey’s life points to 1600, and as Dox moves his Labyrinth Tank another seven spaces forwards Joey’s Flame Swordsman finds himself in front of two enemies. Not only that, but Dox decides to play another monster into defence mode, however decides to keep the card face down for the time being.

As Yugi’s turn begins, he plays the Mystic Box, sealing his Dark Magician within a box before plunging swords into the sides of it. However as his friends believe he has sacrificed his own monster, Yugi reveals a second box has appeared where Dox’s Jirai Gumo had been resting. As the two boxes open, Magician and Spider have switched places as Yugi reveals that it was Dox’s monster that was destroyed. With his Dark Magician positioned in front of the Labyrinth Tank, Yugi destroys it and reduces Dox’s life points to 1900.

Back at Pegasus’s castle, Kaiba and Kemo have arrived at the main entrance to the castle, but as Kemo leads Kaiba in he warns his captor that Pegasus probably already knows that he is here. As Kaiba makes his way into the castle, Mokuba is beginning to worry why his big brother has not yet come to rescue him.

As the duel continues, Para plays Sanga of Thunder, a monster that forms one third of the unstoppable Gate Guardian, a monster in the same class as Exodia. However as he plays this monster onto the field, a Chinese Box appears instead, much to the worry of both Yugi and Joey. As Joey moves his Flame Swordsman another five spaces towards the end of the maze, Dox draws Suijin, the second part of the Guardian, and as he plays it a second box appears on the field.

As Yugi continues to fret over the ancient energies being emitted from the boxes, Dox reveals his Dungeon Worm and, powering it up with the Invigoration card, uses it to burrow under the Labyrinth and attack the Celtic Guardian, destroying it and reducing Yugi’s life points to 800. However before the brothers have another chance to destroy one of their monsters, Yugi plays the Magical Hats, concealing both his Dark Magician and Joey’s Flame Swordsman underneath.

Confident that the Dungeon Worm won’t attack in case it finds the Dark Magician, a monster stronger than it is, Yugi does not expects Para’s next monster, the Monster Tamer, a monster with a power to control the monsters of an ally on the field, raising their attack power by 600. However as the Dungeon Worm makes it’s second attack it once again finds an empty hat.

With only two hats remaining to hide the two monsters, Joey withdraws his Swordsman from it’s hiding place and plays Salamandra, increasing the ATK of his monster by 700. As the Swordsman sends a ball of flames down the hole the Worm left, it successfully destroys the Worm and reduces Dox’s life points to 1600. However a Yugi and Joey begin to look set to win the duel, Dox draws Kazejin, the final part of the Gate Guardian.

Back at Pegasus’s castle, Kemo has lead Kaiba deep into a series of passages on the way to Mokuba’s cell. However as Kaiba warns his captive not to try and tricks, his brother is remembering back to the days when the two of them were living in the orphanage. Many families were willing to adopt Kaiba, but none of them wanted Mokuba as well, however Kaiba insisted that they would stick together until a family would take both of them.

As Mokuba continues to reminisce, wondering where his brother has gotten to, Kaiba accidentally sets off the security alarms and flees from Kemo, hoping to find his brother before the guards find him. As Croquet informs Pegasus of Kaiba’s presence in the castle, Mokuba hears his brother calling out to him.

Back at the duelling arena, Yugi plays two cards face down and ends his turn, but as Para orders the Gate Guardian to attack the Flame Swordsman, it looks like it could all be over for both Yugi and Joey.