Jounouchi VS Sieg, A Splendid Battle

The Best 8 of the KC Grand Pix has been decided after the first round of battles in both blocks. Jounouchi’s next opponent is none other than Sieg, who defeated the Haga and Ryuuzaki pair in a blink of an eye. Jounouchi is always looking forward to a challenge but Sieg can only look down on the other duelist. Their duel will prove to be one of volcanic proportion (not to mention their dueling field simulates the inside of a volcano).

Jounouchi ends his turn reluctantly after bing unable to summon a monster his first turn, Sieg also ends his first turn without summoning a monster. Yugi feels that Sieg has not summoned a monster because he has none. Jounouchi summons a key card, “Land Star Swordsman,” and equips “Land Star Shot,” raising its attack power by 600. Jounouchi prepares to attack the seemingly unguarded Sieg.