Double Trouble Duel (1)

With the main way out well and truly blocked, Yugi and the others start to search for another way out of the cave when Bakura’s Millennium Ring starts reacting again. Hoping that the Ring will pull lead them to Pegasus and a way out of the cave, the group decide to follow it, however what they don’t realise is that they are being watched by Pegasus from the comfort of his castle.

Tired with watching Yugi and his friends, Pegasus turns his attention to the screen showing Mokuba trapped in a dungeon cell. Although he is still captive, Mokuba is positive that his big brother will come for him, like he did when their parent’s passed away and he’s sure that there is no way that Kaiba can lose against Pegasus.

As the Millennium Ring leads the group through tunnel after tunnel, Taya comes to the conclusion that the maze of passages has been man-made, probably by Pegasus. Finally arriving at a large room, the group find themselves meeting the Paradox Brothers. The two brothers tell the group that in order to continue past this room the group will have to defeat them in a duel. Yugi doesn’t seem too worried about this until the brothers inform him that they are both Eliminators, hired by Pegasus to defeat him.

As Yugi prepares to face the brothers, they inform the group that there is a second challenge that they will face if they do defeat the brothers. At the other side of the room are two doors and while one leads to an exit the other leads to an endless maze of tunnels. Deciding to focus on the duel, Yugi challenges the brothers but they inform him that on this field the duel must be a two-on-two team game. Yugi agrees, asking Joey to duel alongside him and together the pair risk a total of six star chips, enough to give both of them entrance to the castle.

As the four duellists prepare to fight, Kaiba is heading towards Pegasus’s castle in order to find and rescue his brother. However back at the duelling arena Dox plays the Labyrinth Wall, causing the field to be transformed into a giant labyrinth. As Para pressurises Yugi to make his move, Joey demands that the brothers explain how to duel on a labyrinth field.

Para explains that each player starts with 2000 life points, but the first player to be reduced to zero life points loses the match for both players in his team. Play will alternate between the four players in the order of Dox, then Yugi, then Para and finally Joey. With regards to the monsters, they act like pieces in a board game and each turn a monster can move the number of squares equal to their power level.

As Yugi and Joey take in the rules, the brothers remind them of the problem of choosing between the two doors but in order to make it easier for the two Para tells them that from now on one of the brothers will speak the whole truth while the other will only ever lie. As Para tells the pair that they only need ask which door they should pick, Joey remembers a puzzle much like this:

“A boy arrives at a junction with two roads leading from it, one to Truthsville and one to Liarsberg. A man is standing at the junction but the boy does not know which town he is from. In order to be taken to Truthsville, the boy asks the villager to take him to their own village, seeing as both villagers would have to take him to Truthsville (as the liar could not take him to Liarsberg without telling the truth).”

Certain that the question will solve their problem, Joey challenges the two to point to the right door, and both point to the door that Dox is guarding. However while Joey is sure that this proves that Dox is the truthful brother, Yugi is not so sure. Yugi explains that both brothers have told the two the same fact, that one will be truthful and one will lie. However for both brothers to say this they must both be liars as the lying brother could never admit to being a liar. He tells Joey to forget the puzzle for now as it is only meant to distract them from the duel.

However as Yugi plays the Beaver Warrior and moves it four spaces into the maze, Para uses Polymerisation to fuse the Shadow Ghoul into the Labyrinth Wall to create the Wall Shadow, a monster with the power to move anywhere in the wall. The Wall Shadow emerges from the wall and attacks Yugi’s Beaver, reducing his life points to 1600.

Joey plays the Axe Raider, plus one card face down, but doesn’t move his monster into the labyrinth so that the Wall Shadow cannot attack it. However as Dox plays the Labyrinth Tank and moves it seven spaces into the maze, he also plays Jirai Gumo onto the field, a card that will attack when the opponent’s monster steps on it.

As Yugi plays the Celtic Guardian and advances it four spaces into the maze, the Wall Shadow attacks but is trapped by Joey’s Cunai with Chain. With the Wall Shadow trapped Yugi is able to destroy it, reducing Para’s life points to 1700. However while Tristan is impressed with Joey’s tactics, Yugi warns his partner that they will have to stay on their guard if they want to win.

Back at Pegasus’s castle, the head of Pegasus’s security team, Croquet, informs him that Kaiba has been spotted on the island, a fact that Pegasus already knows. As Mokuba, still trapped in the dungeon, wonders why his big brother hasn’t come to rescue him yet, Kaiba makes his way to the castle, ready to make Pegasus pay for what he has done.