Arena of Lost Souls (2)

With three zombies ready to attack whenever they want, Bones seems confident that there is no way for him to lose, and as Joey makes his move it seems like his confidence may not be premature. As Garoozis attacks the zombies the Call of the Haunted revives them, making them stronger than they were before. And as the Clown Zombie attacks, it destorys Joey’s monster, reducing his life points to 1530.

As the duel continues, Yugi and the others are still working their way through the cave in the hopes of finding Joey. As they notice that Bakura has gone missing, they hear him scream and find that one of Pegasus’s fake skeletons has fallen on top of him. With the skeleton removed, they continue through the cave until they find themselves at a junction.

As they try to decide which way to go, Bakura accidentaly triggers a hidden switch causing a giant boulder to roll towards them. Running away from the boulder, Bakura trips and is crushed by it, but as the others become trapped at a dead end Tristan tries to stop the boulder and it bursts, just another one of Pegasus’s sick jokes.

Back at the duelling arena Joey can’t see any way to defeat the zombies and is beginning to worry that he will face another crushing defeat like the one that Kaiba dealt him. Drawing the Time Wizard, Joey hopes that he can use its Time Magic to destroy the zombies, but as he uses the Time Roulette it lands on a skull. As a vortex apperas over Joey’s side of the field it absorbs both the Time Wizard and the Flame Swordsman, reducing Joey’s life points to 630 in the process.

Coming to terms with the effects of failing the time spin, Joey plays a monster in defence mode, but as Bones’ turn begins, Keith tells him to humiliate Joey rather than just beat him. Playing the Pumpking, Bones uses its ectoplasmic fortification to increase the ATK of his zombies before destroying Joey’s monster. As Joey plays the Armoured Lizard in defence mode, Bones once again uses Pumpking’s ectoplasm to increase the ATK of his zombies further still. Destroying Joey’s lizard, the creepy duellist becomes confident that he will win, especially as Joey plays yet another monster in defence mode which he easily destroys.

As the duel rages, Yugi and the others finally arrive at the arena and try to get Joey to stop duelling, but Keith warns them that if he does then Joey will forfeit the match. As Tristan throws Joey’s wallet back to him, Joey asks Bones’ back-seat dueller who he is, and the group learns that he is Bandit Keith, the duellist that Kaiba told them about.

As Joey plays another monster in defence mode, Bones plays Stop Defence to prevent any monster being played in Defence mode. As his friends call out words of encouragement, Joey plays the Red-Eyes Black Dragon in attack mode, a move that shocks Keith who didn’t expect such a pathetic duellist to have such a powerful card. As the Red-Eyes attacks, it destroys Bones’ Pumpking, reducing his life points to 855. But Bones retaliates with his Dragon Zombie, destroying Joey’s Red-Eyes and reducing his life points to 150.

Looking through his hand, Joey can’t see any way to win with his only other monster, the Battle Warrior, but Yugi calls out to him telling him that there is a way to win. Trusting in the cards, Joey pulls his final card, the Shield and Sword. Playing the Battle Warrior, Joey activates the Shield and Sword card to reverse the ATK and DEF of every monster on the field. With all the zombies ATK reduced to 0, Joey is able to destroy them, reducing Bones’ life points to zero.

As Joey celebrates his win, Keith storms off, disgraced that his duellist could have lost. As Keith goes to leave the arena, Joey tells him to try duelling face to face next time, but Keith tells him that the only thing that matters is winning, not who does it for you. Joey thanks Yugi for his support and comments on how lucky his last draw was, but yugi tells him that it was his faith in the cards that helped him out, not luck.

As the group head for the exit of the cave, a boulder begins to seal off their only exit. Outside the cave, Keith and his goons finish blocking the cave entrance, but as the trio try to apologise to Keith for losing he steals their star chips and heads for Pegasus’s castle with a completed duelling glove. However it seems that Yugi and Joey may never make it to Pegasus’s castle unless they can find a way out of the cave alive.