Arena of Lost Souls (1)

While the rest of the group sleeps, Joey’s dreams are haunted by the defeat that Kaiba dealt him earlier that evening. Trapped in a foggy wasteland, Joey is being chased by a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but as he tries to run away from it he stumbles and falls. As he begs Kaiba to call of his Blue-Eyes, Joey is humiliated by Kaiba who calls him a snivelling dog.

As he wakes from the dream, Joey is still angry about losing to kaiba and wakes the others, eager to find somebody to duel. Taya arrives from where she had been sleeping and Yugi is surprised that Mai isn’t with her. Taya passes Yugi a note from Mai telling him that she has gone off again to duel and taken the star chips he won back for her, however she promises to pay him back for them some time.

Bakura comments that there can’t be many duellists left now, but Tristan is sure that both Joey and yugi will make it to the finals of the tournament because they’re duelling for the ones they love. Yugi warns Joey that the duels they fight from now on will be tougher than ever and Joey starts to worry that he won’t be good enough, but Yugi is confident that they can both do it. As the group continues to talk they don’t realise that they are being watched by a trio of duellists. One of the three, Bones, decides that he wants to duel Joey, but before he can the three head off to find their boss.

Elsewhere on the island, Bones and his fellow goons report back to their boss, inter-continental champion Bandit Keith. Keith is impressed to hear that the group found Yugi, but decides that it would be better to go after to Joey instead. As the group heads off to find Joey, Keith is determined to make Pegasus pay for humiliating him when the two last met.

As Keith and Bones head off into a dark cave to prepare Bones’ Zombie deck for the duel, Joey has the feeling that somebody is stalking him and has split away from the rest of the group. As Joey finds his way to a waterfall Keith’s two goons grab him and knock him out. When Joey finally wakes up he finds himself in a duelling arena in a creepy cave. Bones appears at the other end of the arena and in an attempt to psyche him out tells Joey that this is the Arena of Lost Souls.

While Yugi and the others are beginning to grow concerned that they can’t find Joey anywhere, their friend is terrified as Bones tries to force him to duel. As Joey tries to leave the arena, Keith tells him that he can leave whevnever he wants, as long as he gives up all of his star chips. Determined not to lose his chips, Joey agrees to duel, putting four star chips up for grabs.

As the duel begins, Bones goes to play a zombie card, but Keith tells him to play Zanki instead. However Joey plays the Axe Raider and easily destroys the monster, reducing Bones’ life points to 1800. Bones is annoyed that Joey destroyed his monster and prepares to play a zombie, but Keith tells him to play the Crawling Dragon instead. Bones does so, but plays the monster in defence mode where Joey easily destroys it.

As Keith assures the fuming Bones that he is working on a strategy, he tells Bones not to play the next monster in defence mode in case Joey doesn’t attack it. As Bones plays the Crass Clown, Joey plays the Flame Swordsman and easily destroys it, reducing Bones’ life points to 1350. However as Joey’s confidence builds, Bones plays the Call of the Haunted, reviving all three of his lost monsters as indestructable zombies that gain a field power bonus from the graveyard field.

Back at the waterfall, Taya finds Joey’s wallet and realises that something must have happened to him. Finding the cave, the group head inside in the hopes of finding Joey, but instead they find a group of coffins with fake skeletons inside them, Pegasus’s idea of a sick joke.

As the group continues further into the cave in search of Joey, their friend isn’t holding up very well on the duelling field. As Bones’ Dragon Zombie destroys Joey’s Axe Raider, reducing his life points to 1620, Joey’s Flame Swordsman is outnumbered three to one. And with Bones’ zombies unaffected by any attack on them there may be no way for Joey to win.