The Scars of Defeat

As the duels continues on the island, Pegasus is mulling over his plans to take over Kaibacorp once Yugi has been defeated. Although he still faces the problem of Seto Kaiba being alive, he still has Mokuba captive and can use him to exploit Kaibacorp’s technology for his own means.

While Pegasus broods over his next move, Kaiba is making his way to the Duellist Kingdom in a helicopter, determined to take out Pegasus. However after watching Yugi duel twice Kaiba is beginning to doubt that his old duelling methods will help him win, but with so much at stake he can’t afford to change his tactics at such a late stage.

Down on the island, Joey, Tristan and Taya are all asleep, but Yugi and Bakura are still awake and talking. Bakura shows Yugi how one of the points on his Millennium Ring is tugging towards Pegasus’s castle, just like it did when he first met Yugi at school. Yugi explains that it is probably being drawn to the other Millennium Items, commenting that he senses a strong presence within his Millennium Puzzle. As the two continue to talk, Kaiba’s helicopter lands nearby waking the others.

As Kaiba steps out of the chopper, Yugi returns his deck to him, having reclaimed it from the fake Kaiba. Yugi suggests that he and Kaiba should work together, but Kaiba tells Yugi to stop being so naive and that to him this is not some duelling contest but a matter of saving his brother and his company.

Joey tells Kaiba that he isn’t the only duellist wanting to face Pegasus to help someone they care for and tells him that he has no more of a right to duel Pegasus than Yugi does. Kaiba is amused by Joey’s anger, even more so when Joey challenges him to a duel. As Joey accuses Kaiba of being a washed up has-been after losing to Yugi, Kaiba accepts Joey’s challenge, but only on the condition that they use his Duelling Disc system.

After explaining to Joey how the portable duelling system works, Kaiba begins the duel by playing the Battle Ox. Joey counters with the Armoured Lizard but it is easily defeated, reducing his life points to 1800. Kaiba warns Joey that the technology is intended to make a duellist think on his feet, something Joey is obviously not very good at as his Flame Swordsman gets destroyed, reducing his life points to 1600.

For Kaiba’s next turn, he fuses his Battle Ox with the Mystic Horseman to create the Rapid Horseman, an even stronger monster. Joey tries to defeat the monster, but none of his cards are strong enough as Kaiba beats them all down, reducing his life points each time: Swamp Battleguard (1400LP), Axe Radier (1100LP), Battle Steer (900LP), Garoozis (700LP) and Rude Kaiser (500LP).

Unable to see a way to defeat Kaiba’s monster, Joey collapses with despair, but Tristan tells him that he can still win from behind. As Joey draws his next card, it seems the heart of the cards is on his side as he summons the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, defeating Kaiba’s monster and reducing his life points to 1600. However as Kaiba congratulates Joey on having such a strong monster, he reminds him that there is another monster even more powerful than it is.

Summoning the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Kaiba crushes Joey’s Red-Eyes and wipes out his remaining life points. As Joey drops to the floor, scared and humiliated, Yugi confronts Kaiba, asking him why he had to humiliate Joey like that. Kaiba replies telling Yugi that Pegasus would be no more merciful than he was and that if Joey can’t stand the pressure then perhaps he should stop duelling. He warns Yugi that Pegasus has every card at his disposal, making him the toughest opponent of all.

In an attempt to convince Yugi of Pegasus’s ruthlessness, Kaiba tells the group about the last time he met the creator of Duel Monsters: “At the Inter-continental Championship in New York City, Kaiba had been invited to watch the contest as pegasus’s guest. After the tournament had ended, Pegasus took the stand for an exhibition match against the champion, Bandit Keith. However while Keith seemed to be playing well it was obvious that Pegasus was toying with him.

As Keith prepared to play the card that he thoguh would win him the match, Pegasus told him that even a child could defeat him. Writing some insturctions onto a piece of paper, Pegasus called out a young boy from the audience. Giving the child the insturctions, he allowed Keith to make his play. As Keith made the play, the boy followed Pegasus’s instructions and easily defeated Keith. As the crowd cheered the young boy, Keith was shocked to see that his final moves had all been predicted by Pegasus, a fact that shocked both Keith and Kaiba.”

As Kaiba finishes his story, Yugi tells Kaiba that he knows about Pegasus and his ability to see what cards his opponent has, but he still doesn’t understand why Kaiba had to humiliate Joey the way that he did. As Kaiba heads off for Pegasus’s castle, both he and Yugi hope that the other one will succeed but he hopes to do so without having to cross paths with Yugi again. But with Pegasus watching everything with the help of security cameras, guards and the Millennium Eye will either of the two duellists succeed in their quest?