Evil Spirit of the Ring

With the two ancient spirits preparing to duel each other inside their host bodies, Yami Yugi asks Yami Bakura why he has taken them to the Shadow Realm. The spirit of Bakura’s Millennium Ring explains that he is a thief of souls, determined to collect all seven Millennium Items.

As the Shadow game begins, Yami Yugi plays the Cyber Commander, Tristan’s favourite card. But as the monster on the card comes to life, it is Tristan that appears, dressed up as the Cyber Commander. As Yami Yugi realises that his friends must have become sealed within the cards, Yami Bakura plays the White Magical Hat and destroys Tristan, sending him to the graveyard.

As Tristan finds himself in the card graveyard, Yami Yugi plays the Flame Swordsman, however the Swordsman turns out to be Joey. Yugi explains to Joey what has happened and explains that he will need his help to defeat the evil spirit inside Bakura. As Joey attacks, he destroys Bakura’s monster, reducing his life points to 1200.

As Bakura makes his next move, he plays one card face down. Yami warns Joey not to attack it, but he is too stubborn to listen and attacks any way, activating the Morphing Jar, a card that forces both players to discard their current hand to the graveyard. As Yami Yugi draws his next card, the Dark Magician, Bakura plays a monster face down in defence mode and another card face down.

As Yami begins his turn, he revives Tristan using Monster Reborn and then plays the Dark Magician. However as Yugi comes to life as the Dark Magician, all three friends are confused as to who the big Yugi could be, however they all seem sure that they should trust him. As the Dark Magician attacks, Bakura reveals a second Morphing Jar, once again discarding both players hand to their graveyard.

As Yami Yugi draws the Magician of Faith, Yami Bakura plays a face down monster in defence mode and then activates the Just Desserts card, reducing Yami Yugi’s life points to 500. As Yami plays the Magician of Faith (Taya) face down in defence mode, the others try to hide her from Bakura in an attempt to protect her.

Yugi attacks Bakura’s monster, but he reveals it to be the Electric Lizard, a monster which paralyzes its opponent for one turn. As Yami Yugi plays a trap card of his own, Bakura plays the Man-Eater Bug, a monster with the power to destroy one of the opponent’s monsters. As the group try to find a way to destroy the monster without attacking it, Yami suggests that they could use the Horn of Heaven, however it would require a sacrifice from his side of the field.

As Joey offers to be sacrificed, Yugi activates his trap card, destroying Bakura’s Bug. However as Yugi and Bakura continue to duel, Joey finds himself trapped in the graveyard with the Reaper of the Cards advancing on him, ready to destroy him. Bakura warns Yami that there is no way to revive Joey, seeing as how he has already used his only Monster Reborn card, but Yami is not so sure.

As Taya begins to worry about Joey, her special power is activated, returning Monster Reborn to Yami’s hand. As Yami Yugi uses the Magic card to revive Joey, Yami Bakura mocks his pathetic efforts to save his friends rather than trying to win the duel. As Yami Bakura plays the Lady of Faith, he warns the Dark Magician Yugi that he will destroy his own friends once he has played his next card.

As Yami Bakura plays the Change of Heart card to take control of Yugi for one turn, the spirit of the real Bakura is trapped inside of the card and takes control of the Lady of Faith instead of the Dark Magician. As Bakura tells Yugi to attack him, Yami Yugi uses the Millennium Puzzle to switch the souls of Bakura with that of the evil spirit, sealing the spirit within the Lady of Faith. As Yugi attacks the Lady of Faith, he destroys Yami Bakura, releasing his control over the group.

As the group returns to the real world, Yugi asks Bakura how he got the Millennium Ring, and Bakura explains that his father bought it from an Egyptian market and gave it to Bakura, claiming that he was destined to have it. As Joey, Tristan and Taya wake up they all believe that the duel was nothing more than a bad dream, but Yugi and Bakura both know the truth. However as the group continues to talk, they hear someone scream in the distance and rush off to see what has happened.