Back to Battle City (3)

As the four way duel continues, everyone is surprised that Joey is currently in first place with 3300 Life Points remaining. However Marik is keen to change that as he begins his turn, summoning Dark Geroid (1200/1500) to the field in Attack Mode. Although Joey is unfased by the weak monster, he does not realise that it has a useful special effect which could turn the tide.

As Marik sums up who best to attack, Kaiba is confident that he will be safe thanks to his face-down Ring of Destruction. Wary of this face-down card, Marik decides to turn his attention to Joey’s Gearfried, ordering his monster to attack. Although initially confident that his Life Points are safe, Joey is shocked as Marik’s monster causes his Iron Knight’s ATK to fall by 800 points to 1000.

Not one to give up so easily, Joey activates his Skull Dice Trap Card, rolling a 2 and halving the ATK points of Marik’s Geroid. However as the two monsters collide, Kaiba activates his Shrink Magic Card, reducing Gearfried’s ATK to a mere 500. As Joey’s weakened monster is destroyed, he loses 100 Life Points (Joey’s LP: 3200).

Furious that Kaiba teamed up with Marik to attack him, Joey begins to get hot headed until Yugi calls to his friend asking him to calm down. As Joey tries to regain his composure, Serenity is continuing to watch over Mai, confident that her big brother will keep his promise and save their friend before it is too late.

Back at the duel, Yugi’s turn begins and as he prepares to attack he begins to sum up who would be the best target. Although defenceless and the most obvious target, Yugi is reluctant to attack Joey for fear of his friend having to duel Marik in the semi-finals. However while Yugi is afraid as to what might happen to his friend in a duel against Marik, Téa explains to Duke and Tristan that, after Mai’s defeat, Joey told her that he was determined to crush Marik and save Mai before it was too late.

As Yugi orders his Beast of Gilfer to attack Marik, Joey calls for him to stop, asking him to stop protecting him and treat him like an equal. While Yugi is still reluctant to attack his friend, Joey assures him that he has come a long way since the start of the tournament and explains that he has a promise which he needs to keep.

Reluctantly, Yugi agrees with his friend and attacks him directly, taking a large chunk out of his substantial Life Points (Joey’s Life Points: 1000). Thanking Yugi for having faith in him, Joey gladly climbs the tower, more determined than ever that he will face Marik in the semi-finals.

Drawing his next card, Joey is confident that his duel with Marik is assured, but as he summons Axe Raider (1700/1150) to the field he attacks Kaiba instead of Marik. Believing that Joey has wimped out of trying to face Marik in the semi-finals, Kaiba gladly activates his Ring of Destruction Trap Card to destroy Joey’s Raider before then activating the Ring of Defence Magic Card to prevent his Life Points from being damaged.

As the smoke from the Ring of Destruction’s blast clears, everyone is surprised to see that it is Marik, not Joey, whose life points have fallen to zero (Marik’s Life Points: 0). Not wanting to keep anyone in suspense, Joey gladly reveals that in all the commotion he activated his Graverobber Trap Card, using it on Marik’s Spell of Pain.

Pleased that Joey is still in the duel, Yugi is amazed that Joey used Kaiba’s combo against Marik in order to deal him 1700 Life Points of damage instead of just 500. However the attack has left Joey defenceless and as Kaiba’s turn begins he gladly attacks Joey directly, wiping him out of the duel. (Joey’s Life Points: 0)

With two duellists eliminated, the four way duel finishes and each duellist seems pleased with the opponent they have ended up with for the semi-finals. However as the four platforms begin to rise to the top of the tower, the harshest round of duels so far is just beginning.