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As the four way duel continues, Yugi is determined that he cannot risk letting Joey face Marik, especially not after the fates suffered by Mai and Bakura following their defeats. Calling out to warn Kaiba that his tournament is too dangerous, his stubborn rival still refuses to believe the truth and is too caught up in defeating Yugi, and then Marik, in his quest to prove that he is the most powerful duellist in the world.

Although tense about the conditions of the duel, Joey is determined that he must face Marik in the semi finals and defeat him in order to save Mai. However his concentration is broken when Kaiba tells him that Yugi is still having to bail him out after all this time because he isn’t good enough to be competing on his own. While Yugi denies this, Joey seems to agree and asks Yugi to stop helping him for the remainder of the duel. Meanwhile, Serenity, who is still watching over Mai, remembers the first time that she and Duke met up with Mai and how she has been an inspiration to her ever since. Determined to keep a strong appearance, Serenity explains to Mai that Joey is duelling to rescue her, just like he duelled at Duelist Kingdom to save Serenity’s eyesight.

In another part of Kaiba Craft 3, Ishizu checks on Odion to see how he is doing, hoping that he will wake up and break the control that the dark evil within Marik has over her brother. Recalling how the darker evil took control previously, banishing their father to the Shadow Realm, Ishizu remembers when she was forced to inherit the Millennium Necklace, and all the visions that came with it, early as a result.

As her reminiscing continues, Ishizu thinks back to when Marik, after having already claimed The Winged Dragon of Ra and Slifer the Sky Dragon attempted to take Obelisk the Tormentor as well. Breaking into a museum, he and his Rare Hunters opened the vault in which the card had been kept, only to discover Ishizu waiting there instead. As brother and sister met face to face, both refused to back down as Marik demanded to know where the card was being hidden. Refusing to tell her brother the truth, Ishizu tried to remind Marik of his duties as a Tomb Keeper but he denied them, insisting that he would make his own destiny. Knowing that he would not find the location of the card, Marik gave up and escaped, making his getaway, alongside Odion, in a motorbike and sidecar. Realising now that all of the past events were destined to happen, Ishizu hopes that her brother is destined to be saved from the stronger evil within him.

Back at the Duel Tower, Marik has made up his mind that he will defeat Yugi in the semi finals as he begins his next turn. Setting one card, he summons Lord Poison (1500/?) before ordering his Nudoria to attack Kaiba’s Vorse Raider. Unfased by Marik’s foolish move, Kaiba gladly destroys his monster, but is shocked to learn that its special effect allows it to destroy any one monster when it is sent to the Graveyard. As Vorse Raider and Nudoria are both destroyed, Marik actvates Spell of Pain, redirecting the battle damage from the attack to Joey (Joey’s LP: 3300) whose platform begins the climb up the tower.

With Kaiba seemingly open to an attack, Yugi sacrifices his Big Sheild Gardna to summon Beast of Gilfer (2200/?), but as he prepares to attack Kaiba’s Life Points directly his opponent activates his Attack Guidance Armour Trap Card, redirecting the attack to Marik’s Lord Poison. Unwilling to take the attack, Marik activates his own Trap Card, Mirror Force, however before the attack can be reflected back at Yugi’s monster he in turn activates a Trap Card, Seven Tools of the Bandit. As Marik’s Trap Card is destroyed so is his monster, causing his Life Points to drop (Marik’s LP: 3300), however Yugi’s Life Points are also depleted as a result of activating his Trap Card (Yugi’s LP: 3000).

Although furious that Yugi intentionally lost Life Points in order to stay paired with Marik for the semi finals, there is little that Kaiba can do about the matter as Joey makes his move. Drawing a card, Joey summons Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800/1600) to the field. Noting that all three opponents have no set cards, Joey has a free choice of either Kaiba or Marik to attack. Initially settling on Marik, Joey changes his mind and decides to attack Kaiba directly, dealing a large blow to his Life Points (Kaiba’s LP: 2200).

Shocked that Joey attacked Kaiba and not Marik, Yugi begins to worry that Joey wants to duel Marik in the semi finals. As Joey sets one card and ends his turn, Kaiba contemplates defeating Yugi and then throwing the duel so that they remain paired in the semi finals, however his stubbornness and his determination to win prevent him from doing so. Setting three cards, Kaiba summons Blade Knight (1600/?) and attacks Marik directly (Marik’s LP: 1700).

With Joey’s chances of seemingly fading, little does he realise that Kaiba is determined to crush both Marik and himself to make certain that he can take his chance to defeat Yugi and Slifer the Sky Dragon in the semi finals. However despite the two rivals working on similar agendas, the pairings for the semi finals could still go any way.