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With Kaiba Craft 3 back on course to KaibaCorp Island, the location of the Battle City Finals, Kaiba’s focus turns once more to defeating Yugi and Marik in his quest to claim all three Egyptian God Cards and prove once and for all that he is the most powerful duelist in the world. However while he gets caught up in his little power trip, Mokuba is concerned about his brother’s obsession with the cards. Having had to abandon her during their run in with Noah, Joey and Serenity return to check on Mai, who is still showing no signs of recovering. Upset at his inability to save her, and furious at what Marik has done, Joey becomes more determined than ever to crush Marik and save Mai before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Ishizu is concerned for the safety of her brother, fearing what the darker evil within him may do. As Marik enters her room, he demands that she tell him where Odion is but Ishizu refuses, even under threat of being attacked by the Millennium Rod. Fearing what her brother could do to her now that she no longer has the power of the Millennium Necklace to stop her, Ishizu remains strong in her resistance and Marik leaves, threatening to return once he has reclaimed all three God Cards.

Elsewhere, in Bakura’s room, Yugi is worried that more of his friends will be hurt by Marik before the tournament is finished, and when Yami explains that Marik is most likely attacking their friends in order to weaken their confidence Yugi becomes more determined than ever to defeat Marik, hoping that in doing so they will be able to save Mai, Odion and Bakura. As the two continue to talk, Téa, Tristan and Duke arrive, but as the four prepare to head off they notice that Bakura is missing. Not wanting to worry them, Yugi claims that he has gone to get some fresh air and then hurries them away.

Arriving at the island, Kaiba Craft 3 lands and, as the passengers begin to disembark, Kaiba explains that the island was the site of the original KaibaCorp. As Kaiba promises to himself that he will defeat Yugi at the top of the Duel Tower, Joey’s dueling spirit is also fuelled by a determination to defeat Kaiba to finally stop him from mocking his abilities as a duelist. Making their way towards the tower, both Yugi and Joey are angered by Marik’s taunting of the fact that Mai and Bakura are unable to watch the finals from their current state, but as he demands to be told who he will be dueling in the semi finals he is told to be patient and make his way to the tower.

As the duelists enter the tower, Roland explains that each of the four finalists must choose one of the four doors in the tower. While Yugi wonders what could be behind the doors, Joey beings a song of “one potato, two potato” to choose his door, but as the song ends he is furious to see Marik decide to take that door instead. Taking Yugi’s advice, Joey instead opts for the door closest to him and as the doors close behind the four, the others take an escalator up to the next floor.

Reaching the next level, Téa and the others are surprised to see just how tall the tower is on the inside, and even more confused when Yugi and the other three finalists appear, standing on platforms, in each of the four corners of the tower. As Joey tries to work out what is going on, Roland explains that the finalists will be participating in a preliminary duel to decide the pairings for the semi finals of the tournament. As each duelist’s Life Points are reduced, their platform will move higher and higher until it reaches the top of the tower, and the first two duelists to reach the top will be the two duelists in the first semi final.

With the duel having no connection to the final rankings in the tournament, Téa assumes that the duel is of no real significance until Duke corrects her, explaining that this is, in a way, the most important of the duels because it will allow each finalist to decide who they want to face in the semi finals, with finalists possibly ganging up on each other. While Téa and Tristan worry that Joey could well end up being picked on, Yugi is uncertain who he should aim to face in the semi finals. Kaiba, however, has no such uncertainty and is determined to crush Yugi in the semi finals before taking Marik down in the final round.

As Joey suggests that he take the first turn, Roland explains that duel order will be decided by each player choosing one monster from their deck. The order will be decided according to the number of ATK points of the chosen monster, however that monster will not be able to be used during the duel. While Yugi contemplates whether making the first move is worth sacrificing a powerful monster, Kaiba is positive that it is as he makes Masked Beast Des Guardius his choice.

With the three other choices made (Yugi – Feral Imp, Marik – ?, Joey – Swordsman of Landstar), the order is decided with Kaiba, Marik, Yugi and finally Joey taking their turns. Determined to crush Yugi in the semi finals, Kaiba decides to turn his attention to defeating Marik and Joey in the four way duel. Joey, meanwhile, is determined to keep his promises to Yugi and Mai by defeating Marik in the semi finals, leaving only Yugi and Marik undecided as to who they should face in the first round.

Tired of waiting, Kaiba begins the duel by setting one card before summoning Vorse Raider (1900/1200) in Attack Mode, however Marik is unintimidated by the powerful for as he summons Nudoria (1200/800) in Defence Mode. Still undecided as to who he wants to face in the semi finals, Yugi summons Big Shield Gardna (100/2600) in Defence Mode and sets two cards before passing to Joey who, unable to summon any of the monsters because of level restrictions, has no choice but to set one card and end his turn.

Unsurprised by Joey’s inability to defend himself, Kaiba orders Vorse Raider to attack Joey directly but Yugi counters by activating his Regulation of Tribe Trap Card, using it to prevent all Beast-Warriors from attacking. As Joey thanks Yugi for his assistance, his friend explains that the two of them are a team and that he will protect him until the end. However with four duelists all competing with their own agenda, that could prove more difficult that it may seem.