Trial By Red-Eyes

With Joey’s two Battleguards having carevd through Rex’s monster, he plays Dracodon in defence mode where it is easily destroyed. However as Joey beliees that he has befeated Rex’s most powerful monster, the Serpent Knight Dragon, Rex reveals that he has an even more powerful dragon, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

As Joey is shocked to see such a powerful monster, Yugi is amazed to learn that the monster is not just a rumour. As Rex plays his dragon onto the field, he explains that its power is almost as great as the Blue-Eyes, especially once it has been powered up with the Dragon Nails. Attacking with his souped-up dragon, Rex destroys both of Joey’s Battleguards in one go, reducing his life points to 235.

As Joey’s confidence begins to wane, Taya tells him that she is sure he can defeat Rex if he only puts his mind to it. Yugi is also certain that Joey can win, and even knows how, but he can’t tell Joey without losing him the match. Tristan tells Joey to keep fighting and tells him that duelling is about heart not strength.

As Rex listens to the cherrleading of Joey’s friends, he remembers that joey still has the Time Wizard in play. Realising that it could be a useful asset in his duel against Mai, Rex suggests to Joey that the two put their current card on the field up for grabs as well as the star chips. At first Joey doesn’t think he has a card in play, but then remembers the Time Wizard. As Joey agrees to the deal, Mai realises what Rex is planning, however neither of them know what Joey is planning.

Having realised thathe still has the Time Wizard in play, Joey takes the risk on its Time Roulette in an attempt to cause time on the field to advance. However while landing on a Time Machine symbol will cause time to change on the field, landing on a skull will cause the Time Wizard to be destroyed. As the Roulette lands on a Time Machine, time advances on the field and when it comes to a stop, Rex’s Red-Eyes has been fossilised.

As the fossilised dragon crumbles to dust, its destruction wipes out Rex’s remaining life points ad Joey wins the duel. Later that evening, the group decide to set up camp when Mai arrives and offers to share her food with the group. She explains that she only needs two more star chips and so all the food will go to waste after that. As Yugi heads off to collect firewood and Joey and Tristan go in search of water, Taya takes a shower, but hears a rustling in the bushes. However when she and Mai check out what it was, there is nothing there.

After the group finished their meal, Yugi and Mai discuss the tournament with each other, and Yugi admits that he is impressed with Mai’s progress. However Mai is still unsure about socialising with potential rivals and decides to take a walk. However as she makes her way into a clearing, a shadowy figure emerges from the bushes and grabs her.

As the group begin to worry about where Mai could have gone, their classmate Bakura emerges into the clearing, proving that Taya was right all along about him being on the island. The group of five stay up talking and the topic turns to duelling. Joey mentions that when he’s fighting a duel, he pretends that he is one of the monsters. Bakura asks the group which cards they each relate with.

Joey’s favourite card is the Flame Swordsman, while Tristan’s favourite is the Cyber Commander. Yugi’s favourite is obviously the Dark Magician, while Taya likes the Magician of Faith. Bakura’s favourite card is the Change of Heart, a card that Yugi has never heard of until then. Bakura then suggests that they hold a normal duel, with all of their favourite cards in the decks. Yugi and Joey warn Bakura that a four-against-one duel isn’t very fair odds, but he doesn’t seem concerned.

As the duel begins, Bakura reveals his Millennium Ring and transports the group to the Shadow Realm. Sealing the souls of Yugi and the others inside the deck, he prepares to take the Millennium Puzzle as it is activated, awaking the spirit of Yami Yugi from inside of it. As Yami warns Bakura that he will not let him take the Puzzle, the two prepare for a duel unlike any either player has ever seen before.