The Dueling Monkey

With Mokuba gone again, the group decide to try and find more duelists to fight in order to win entry to Pegasus’s castle. But as the group prepares to head off, Joey notices some Duel Monsters cards lying on the floor and goes to pick them up as Tristan stops him. Tristan explains that he is collecting the cards because he wants to learn to duel and after seeing how good Joey has become he thinks he can become an expert really quickly.

As Joey glances at Tristan’s cards, he notices that one of Tristan’s cards looks like one of the cards in his own deck. Pulling the green Swamp Battleguard from his deck, Joey notices that it is almost identical to Tristan’s red Lava Battleguard. The two notice that the cards say they work well when used together and Joey agrees to try the card out in his deck.

Elsewhere on the island, Mai has grown bored of defeating weak duelists after Joey defeated her. As she tries to think of a way to get her own back on Joey, Rex Raptor arrives and challenges her to a rematch to get his own back for her defeating him on the boat to the island. Initially Mai refuses to duel Rex, but takes the opportunity to show off that she has eight star chips and he only has five. However Mai changes her mind, offering to duel Rex on the condition that he beat Joey in a duel first.

As Joey and Yugi search for their next opponents, Tristan and Téa tease Joey that he should try and find a monkey to duel against as he might lose to anybody smarter. As Joey tries to ignore their jibes, Mai arrives and begins taunting Joey, claiming that he can only win duels if Yugi is there to help him. Mai challenges Joey to duel Rex on his own, without Yugi’s support from the sidelines. Joey is eager to agree, but his friends try to dissuade him.

Mai warns Joey and Yugi that if any help is offered from the sidelines then Joey will forfeit the match immediately. Determined to prove that he can win on his won, Joey agrees to the conditions, but as he and Rex prepare to duel, Tristan argues with Joey and heads off on his own.

As each player bets two star chips on the outcome of the duel, Joey is worried that he still hasn’t learnt how to use the field power bonuses to his advantage, however he is confident that if he uses his Time Wizard and Baby Dragon that he should be able to win. When he draws both in his opening hand his confidence grows, but as Joey begins to duel, he notices that Yugi has also headed off, leaving Téa on her own to offer support.

Confident that he has the duel in the bag, Joey plays the Baby Dragon in defence mode on his first turn. But rather than throwing Rex off guard with the unusual play, Joey has only made things easier for his opponent. As Rex plays the Tow-Headed King Rex, he easily crushes Joey’s dragon, wiping out his main chance of winning the duel.

As Joey plays Leogun, Rex destroys it with his King Rex, reducing Joey’s life points to 1670. However Joey counters with the Axe Raider and, gaining a field power bonus, destroys Rex’s monster, reducing his life points to 1870. Unfazed, Rex plays the Sword Armour Dragon and destroys Joey’s monster, reducing his life points to 1605. As Joey searches for a way to win the duel, Téa tells him not to give up yet.

Elsewhere on the island, Yugi has found Tristan and the two are discussing why they left. Tristan tells Yugi that Joey needs him to be there to support him, but Yugi tells him that he can’t help as Joey will forfeit the duel. Yugi tells Tristan that Joey needs his support most of all as the two of them are best friends.

Unsure of what to do next, Joey plays the Time Wizard onto the field, but doesn’t do anything with it. Mai tries to warn Rex that Joey could use it to win, but Rex ignores her, confident that he won’t lose. As Joey plays the Rock Ogre in defence mode, Rex plays Mega Zelger, but as Joey plays the Flame Swordsman, he learns that dinosaurs are weak against fire and takes his chance, destroying Rex’s monster and reducing his life points to 1330.

Beginning to doubt how easy the duel will be to win, Rex switches his Sword Armour Dragon to defence mode, but as he does so Joey destroys it with his Swordsman before playing the Swamp Battleguard. However Rex counters with the Serpent Knight Dragon, destroying Joey’s Swordsman.

As Joey draws his next card, he sees that it is the card that Tristan gave him. As Joey remembers all the good times he and Tristan have shared together, he realises that Tristan hasn’t been babying him over the years but has been looking out for him as friends should. As the flashback comes to an end, Tristan and Yugi arrive back at the field, and Tristan suggests that Joey should try playing his monster.

Playing the Lava Battleguard, Joey can but watch as Rex’s dragon attacks his Swamp Battleguard. However as the smoke of the blast clears, Joey sees that the Lava Battleguard has deflected the attack, destroying Rex’s dragon and reducing his life points to 810.

Joey realises that his two monsters work together with each other to keep both of them out of danger, just like him and Tristan do. However as Joey is confident that his team work will help him win, he doesn’t realise that Rex still has his strongest monster waiting in the wings.