Settling the Score (1)

Okay, the episode begins where the big five member who defeated Tristan attacks Kaiba using Tristan’s body and kidnaps Mokuba.

He jumps on a motorcycle and rides away, and Kaiba, of course, finds a motorcycle and follows him.

However, he looses the trail (his motorcycle crashes) and he runs into Jinzo, who says he cannot pass until he duels. So Kaiba agrees.

Jinzo starts with one monster in defense mode. Kaiba attacks on his turn with the “Spear Dragon” which does damage even if the monster is in defense mode. The monster in defense turned out to be “Hiro’s Shadow Scout” which forces Kaiba to draw out three cards, and any magic cards among them are discarded, so Kaiba must discard one card I’d never seen, and “Virus-Eliminating Cannon.”

On Jinzo’s next turn, he plays defense and a card face down, which Kaiba finds odd as Spear Dragon must go into defense mode after attacking, and his defense is zero.

Kaiba plays “Giant Germ” in attack mode and switches Spear Dragon to attack mode. He then orders and attack, but the card face down activates, putting a strange mask on Kaiba. Kaiba then must choose his attack target, but the mask confuses him and he ends up attacking his own Giant Germ.

He is allow to draw out another Giant Germ, due to the effect, and ends his turn. Jinzo simply plays another card, “Solemn Wishes” which allows him to gain 500 life points each time he draws a card, and ends his turn. Kaiba attacks, but it turns out to be Cyber Jar.

Cyber Jar destroyed all the monsters on the field and Jinzo summoned out Lily, the Injection Angel and Kaiba summons Blood Vorse and Doldra.

Lily only has 400 attack power, so Kaiba feels it was silly to let it stay in attack mode, so he attacks with Doldra. Jinzo activates the special ability of Lily, sacrificing 2000 lp to raise her attack power to 3400. Doldra is destroyed, and Kaiba’s lp is reduced, but he activates Doldra’s special ability, which allows it to be returned to the field in defense mode with it’s attack and defense set at 1000.

Jinzo takes his turn and taunts Kaiba about his V. reality system still being used for war. Kaiba ignores this and Jinzo plays a magic card which reduces the selected monster by it’s level x 100. Therefore, Blood Vorse is reduced to 1500. (-400)

He then activates Life Squeezer, which allows him to take back any life points that he spent last turn.

Kaiba takes his turn and I believe he plays Giant Trunade, but Jinzo activates Imperial Order, which negates all magic cards at the cost of 700 life points per turn. Kaiba then switches Blood Vorse to defense mode and ends his turn.

Jinzo sacrifices his defense monster to play “Satellite Cannon” which appears up in the outer space of the Virtual Reality world. No monster with an level lower than eight and no monster that cannot fly can attack it.

And as the first part ends, the satellite cannon locks onto Kaiba…