Mechanical Mayhem (2)

Joey, Yugi, and Té are running through the cave when Serenity’s shrill cry sounds through the cave. Joey runs ahead, toward the sound of his sister. Yugi and Té follow.

Serenity falls to the floor and starts to cry. Duke tries to get her to take her turn, but she’s lost in her own mind, and shocked at Tristan’s sacrifice.

The Machine tells Duke to take his turn instead, so Duke plays Dimension Hole, making his Machine Dark Assailant disappear and then tributes his Yoronzo and 13th grave for Orgoth, the Relentless.

Then, he plays Dice Field and Dungeon Dice. Orgoth and Machine King are transported to the dice field where the players must role the die to determine the moves.

Since dice is Duke’s specialty, he rolls and manages a six, which doubles his attack power. The Machine man roles a one, lowering his attack by 1000.

Duke attacks with Orgoth and destroys the monster. The machine man summons himself to the field and recalls why he hates Seto Kaiba so much.

After being forced to destroy his own machine factory, Kaiba ordered a duel tower to be build, and told the man the only thing he needed to do was not get underfoot during construction.

Humiliated and angered by this, the man is determined to get revenge on Kaiba for what he did.

They are transported to the dice field where Duke rolls a one and he rolls a two. The Machine Man defeats Duke’s Orgoth and Dungeon Dice disappears.

Serenity’s turn approaches again and despite Duke’s efforts to make her get up, she simply sits there with a blank face. Duke finally tells her to remember what Tristan told her about duel monsters.

Serenity remembers on the train to Battle City, Tristan had been explaining rules like tributing for 5 stars and over, and how to fuse monsters with polymerazation.

Right on cue, Joey bursts in and calls down to his sister. Serenity looks up and smiles. Duke explains to Yugi and Té what happened, and Joey offers to play in Serenity’s place.

The Machine Man says he cannot allow them to do that, and that Serenity must play. Joey then tells Serenity, like she watches his duels, he’ll watch hers.

Serenity stands up and Tributes one of her monsters for the Fallen Angel. Then, The Goddess of Third Eye, her Deck Master, tells her she can substitute for a fusion card as long as Serenity puts one card in the grave.

Serenity does this and fuses to form a new monster with an ATK of 2800. Duke activates his Deck Master’s special effect, to turn over and activate the face down card of Tristan’s.

It raises the fused monster’s attack power enough to destroy the Machine Man. The Machine Man already has a body though, so it doesn’t matter, he calls out to them before he vanishes.

Joey leaps down and runs over to Serenity, who breaks down and starts crying. Joey hugs her in an attempt to comfort her, and Yugi points out that Tristan is still in virtual world somewhere, so they must go find him.

At the same time, in another part of the world, a small robotic monkey wakes up…