Courtroom Chaos (1)

Joey is still wandering around the castle looking for a duel when, frustrated, he kicks the wall, which promptly collapses. Behind it, is a door, which Joey opens and finds himself back at the hanger where the Battle Ship is.

Overjoyed at being free of the Virtual World, he boards the ship and searches for the others. He finds no one, but notices that Mai’s door is open. Sadly, he walks inside and sees her, still asleep.

He vows that he will defeat Malik, and let her awaken, when all of the sudden, she does wake up!

She sits up, but as a stunned Joey asks her if she’s really okay, she replies in a deep voice and turns into one of the Big 5. He apologizes for scaring Joey like that and challenges him to a duel.

Joey accepts, determined to make him pay for making Joey think Mai was alright. The room transforms into a court room and Joey is standing in the accused chair. The man turns into the Judge Man, and announces that this will be his Deck Master.

Joey chooses the Flame Swordsman, knowing he can trust him. The Swordsman appears, and tells Joey that his special ability is raising warrior monsters attack power by giving them bits of his own. The duel begins and the Judge Man plays Hysteric Angel in attack mode. Joey counters with Gearfried, and raises it’s attack power by 500 with the special effect of the Flame Swordsman. He destroys the angel.

The Judge Man defends, and Joey destroys the defense with Gearfried and has his Feather Warrior attack directly. The man then plays Mystic Elf in defense.

Joey attempts an attack, but the man activates the Judge Man’s special ability, Death Sentence, which destroys all of Joey’s monsters on the field at the cost of 1000 life points.

The man then fuses Mystical Elf with another creature to form a very weak fusion. After activating a magic card that allows 800 life points to return to the owner of a fusion monster when it gives damage to the opponent.

The man’s life points raise to 1000 and Joey’s drop to 2700. Meanwhile, Té and Yugi and walking around the Arctic world. Yugi lends Té his jacket as they walk through the freezing weather for the others.

Duke, Tristan, and Serenity are also milling about while Kaiba and Mokuba receive yet another flashback. Young Seto in angry with K. Kaiba because he is using Seto’s inventions, originally created for pleasure and fun, for warfare.

Seto is upset with this and demands that K. Kaiba stop, but K. just has his guards drag Seto out of the room without speaking to him.

Back at the duel, Joey attempts to use Graceful Dice, and at first it lands on a six, but changes strangely to a 1, doing nothing for Joey’s monster.

Is there any way for Joey to beat the Judge Man, or has Joey’s luck finally run out?