Freeze Play (1)

T&eacut;a collapses after reaching the top of the bridge and looks up at the sky. As she gazes upwards, she notices a peguin. She follows the penguin to a raft in an icy river.

She gets on and is led to a large hallway. There, she spots what must be the lead peguin, and also another member of the 5. The Penguin points out that Téa is not a very good environmentalist and tells her all the terrible things she has done, like littering and forgetting to turn off the lights, which harm the penguins.

Téa tries to run away, but is caught up on a large ice block which rises up. The penguin rises up on another and challenges her to duel.

After Téa chooses her deck, she fishes through her cards to find a Cheif. She chooses the Dark Magician Girl, as she remembers how she wanted to play that role in a play someday when she grows up.

But as the Penguin starts to question her choice, Téa realizes she forgot to put a Dark Magician in her deck, making Dark Magician Girl not a very helpful monster.

Téa ingnores this and draws her opening hand. Meanwhile, Yugi is running desperately to get to Téa before she is challenged. Noa is alerted to this and decides to put Yugi in a maze.

Yugi and Yami run through the maze as Téa’s voice echoes in their ears asking them to help her.

Back at the duel, Téa plays a monster in attack mode and Mirror Force face down.

The Penguin begins his turn with Cold Wave, which forbids any magic or trap cards to be played or activated for one turn. Then, he attacks her monster with a water monster, that gets a power boost from himself, as he is the Cheif of his card set.

As Téa looses life points, her feet freeze to the ground. The Penguin explains that for every life points lost, part of themselves will freeze.

Téa shivers and the Penguin comments that she ought to buy better clothes next time she goes shopping. She ignores the penguin and draws a fire monster.

She plays it which heats her and the Dark Magician Girl up. Then, she attacks the penguin directly. But on the Penguin’s next turn, the fire girl is destroyed and Tea’s feet freeze again.

The Dark Magician Girl holds her hand for encouragement, but even with her support, can Téa win before she freezes to death?