Isolated in Cyber Space (3)

Yami is cornered with no way out of a direct attack that will surely kill him, but as he falls to the ground, he manages to have the strength to get back up again.

The warrior is surprised, but doesn’t really care. Yami’s life points stand at 400, and he is confident that he will win.

Meanwhile, Duke and Tristan chop their way through the walls and find themselves on the roof of a castle. They look down at the field below and spot Serenity, running away from a Mad Sword Beast.

Tristan jumps off the castle roof and onto the beast while Duke runs and gets Serenity out of the way. As Triston climbs out a river where he led the beast, he sees that Duke has already taken the credit for Serenity’s rescue.

Seto and Mokuba watch as the young Seto challenges the owner of Kaibacorp, and 6 time champion chess player, Kazoboro Kaiba to a game of chess. If he wins, he and Mokuba become his adopted sons.

As they watch from outside through a window, the real Mokuba remembers that after that game of chess, Seto never was happy again. He runs over to the door, in an attempt to change the past and keep his brother the way he used to be.

Seto tries to convince Mokuba that this isn’t the past that it’s just an illusion, but Mokuba opens the door anyway and starts to fall down a large hole.

Seto grabs him just in time and after pulling him to safety calls out to Noa, who is watching every move they make, asking him what he is after.

Noah doesn’t answer, just smiles, and Seto and Mokuba walk away in the forest to find an exit.

Téa wakes up in a large cave and spots Hitopsume Giants down at the bottom, boiling a kettle of water. Getting the feeling they’re preparing for dinner, and not wanting to be main course, Téa spots a penguin who has drapped a vine down.

She starts to climb up, but makes a noise that alerts the giants. She runs out of the cave after reaching the top, but meets a dead end. Either cross the shakey bridge over a long drop, or face the giants.

She starts to walk across, but the giants attempt to follow and the bridge snaps in two. Luckily, Téa was on the side that will lead her to safety and begins to climb up to the top.

Back at the duel, Yami realizes the power of Kuriboh and he combines it with the Rainbow Card to form a bridge directly over to the Deep Sea Warrior’s life points.

Using Gai, he marches across the bridge and destroys the Deep-Sea Warrior and his remaining life points.

Yami thanks Kuriboh, who dissappears, and Yami heads off to find Téa and the others, before they are challenged by the remaining four…