Isolated in Cyber Space (2)

Yami continues the duel with Kimara, the Flying Mythic Beast and the Retained Celtic Guardian on his side. His opponent, the Deep-Sea warrior, has done little but defend the entire game.

But as he calls an attack on the opponents life points, he activates a special Cheif of Card Set ability which shoots Yami’s monsters back at him!

Weakened from the various attacks, Yami begins to wonder how he can win this duel.

Meanwhile, Duke and Tristan, tired from running down an endless corridor, spot an ax and decide to chop their way through the wall. As Triston picks it up, however, Duke wonders how he is able to touch it in virtual world, as before, Téa couldn’t hold the flowers in the demo.

Seto and Mokuba are still watching images of their past. They watch as the young Mokuba is sitting on a swing in an empty park. Young Seto comes and tells his brother that they should go back.

Mokuba explains that he was there because he remembered visiting there with their parents, and that he hoped he could bring things back the way they used to.

His brother tells him that there isn’t much good in crying, and that Mokuba shouldn’t worry because he’ll always be there to take care of him.

While the two Kaiba brothers watch on, Joey is banging his way around the castle looking for one of the five to duel. As he shouts out that he has better things to do than waste time waiting for a duel, he remembers Mai, and how he needs to beat Malik in order to save her.

Back at the duel, the Deep-Sea Warrior appears to have the upper hand, as Yami begins to get weak from all the attacks, but he mangages to find a way to reduce the warriors life points.

But with so many rules and catches he doesn’t know, can he win the duel and keep Yugi’s body safe from the 5?