Give up the Ghost

As the Blue-Eyes’ attack destroys one of Yugi’s Magical Hats, both he and his friends are relieved to see that the chosen Hat was empty. With Mokuba cheering Yugi on from the sidelines, Yugi pays a trap card under one of the remaining hats, warning the impostor Kaiba that there is now a 1 in 3 chance that he will activate the trap rather than get his Magician.

As Kaiba orders the Blue-Eyes to attack, the attack activates Yugi’s Spell Binding Circle, trapping the dragon and reducing its ATK. Seeing the opportunity to attack, Yugi destroy’s the Blue-Eyes, reducing Kaiba’s life points to 500. However as his turn begins, Kaiba plays the second Blue-Eyes, destroying Yugi’s Magician and reducing his life points to 500.

In an attempt to convince Yugi that he really is Kaiba, the duelist tells Yugi the events that happened last time the two met in a duel. However Mokuba calls to Yugi, telling him that everyone knows about Yugi’s duel with his brother, insisting that his opponent is a fake.

Elesewhere, the real Kaiba has managed to gain access to the data for the duel that Yugi is playing, and is shocked to learn that Yugi’s opponent is listed as Seto Kaiba. As the computer informs him that Yugi’s opponent is using Kaiba’s deck, he realises that there is no way that Yugi will be able to defeat all three of the Blue-Eyes and, in an attempt to help Yugi out, begins to upload a virus into the second Blue-Eyes.

As Yugi plays the Feral Imp, the fake Kaiba prepares to attack with the second Blue-Eyes as the virus begins to take effect, reducing the ATK of the dragon. Watching the duel from the castle, Pegasus realises that Kaiba must still be alive and begins to shut Kaiba out of the computer system. As Kaiba prepares to begin infecting the third Blue-Eyes, Pegasus blocks his access to the system, sending in a team of guards to capture Kaiba.

As Kaiba calls out in an attempt to warn Yugi, Yugi is not the only one to sense his cry for help. The Blue-Eyes that the fake Kaiba had played suddenly vanishes, having sensed the call of its real owner. Yugi explains that the real Kaiba destroyed the Blue-Eyes and then forces the impostor to reveal who he is. The impostor explains that he is the dark part of kaiba that Yugi banished to the Shadow Realm after he and Kaiba dueled.

Back at Kaiba’s mansion, Pegasus’s guards break into Kaiba’s room only to find him gone. As they contact Pegasus with the bad news, he in turn contacts Kemo, informing him that he must not lose control of Mokuba, no matter how the duel ends. As Kaiba plays Grappler in defence mode, Yugi plays one card face down before playing the Celtic Guardian, destroying Kaiba’s monster.

Kaiba plays the Mystic Hrseman in defence mode and one other card face down, and Yugi retaliates by playing the Mystical Elf and Book of Scret Arts, plus one card face down. As Kaiba plays his final Blue-Eyes, he attacks Yugi’s monster, but the attack is reflected back at the dragon by Yugi’s Mirror Force. However as Yugi hopes to have destroyed the dragon, Kaiba uses Negate Attack to stop the attack from causing any damage.

Having failed to destroy the dragon with his trap, Yugi plays Monster Reborn to resurrect the first Blue-Eyes onto his side of the field. Using the Mystical Elf’s special power to transfer its ATK onto the dragon, Yugi attacks the fake Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes, destroying it and reducing his life points to 0.

As he banishes the fake Kaiba to the Shadow Realm once more, Yugi senses that Pegasus is watching and warns him that he will defeat him when they next meet. However Pegasus seems confident that even with his improved skills Yugi will still be unable to beat him in a duel.

As the group congratualtes Yugi for winning the duel, they realise that Kemo has escaped and taken Mokuba with him. However Yugi is confident that together the group can defeat Pegasus and rescue Mokuba, but to do so they will need to win some more star chips.