First Duel

Jounouchi’s Time Wizard uses its Time Magic without having to use the Time Roulette.

When Jounouchi summons his Baby Dragon, Mai says that she wished Baby Dragon’s ATK strength was higher so she can do more damage to Jounouchi’s life points, but more life point damage is done if the monster being attacked has lower ATK points.

What Yami said to Jounouchi when he appeared during the duel was “I will give Jounouchi one sentence, and leave it at that: What can be seen, but cannot be seen?” The answer, in Jounouchi’s case, was Mai’s cards. They themselves could be seen, yet the scent she sprayed on them could not. This phrase seems to be used many more times in the series, and it’s a pity that it was edited out as it’s really an interesting question that can be applied to a lot of things.