Kaiba vs. the Future (2)

Yugi figured it out Isis’s theme of her deck by figuring out she was a ‘Gravekeeper’, keeping a hidden set.

Yugi encouraged Kaiba to win the duel, and that they’ll meet at the end of the road to duel

Yami Malik said he was the only one to break Isis’s deck

JAP: Reversed Worlds= ENG: Exchange of the Spirit

EDIT: Sacifice Bomb, English TCG= Blast by a Tribute

Extra Scene added explaining the trap

EDITED: Blue Eyes White Dragon girl, clothing was edited

COOL QUOTE EDITED: *Probably the most poetic words coming out of Seto’s mouth ^__^*…”What is this sad feeling, piercing though my heart?…My pride and soul…is the blue eyes..”- Seto Kaiba

*If Obelisk was sacificed to summon BEWD, shouldn’t the Blast by Tribute be also in the BEWD?*

EDITED: Kaiba’s words to Yugi waiting on their Duel of Destiny