Kaiba vs. the Future (1)

Mokuba tried to connect to Industrial Illusions (Pegasus’s company) for information of Ra, he did not go onto internet to find information on the card as what the dub explained.

Joey asked if Ishizu was being a fake like Espa Roba. In the OVA, Jounouchi asked Yugi if she was using Mai’s old fragrance trick.

*How can Yami Malik and Isis, have a telepathic connection?*

EDITED: Skipped Jounouchi’s whining, Kaiba will win over Isis but then he reconsiders all the times Kaiba made fun of him. Finally said it was hard to root for both.

NOTE: Different parts of the episodes were mixed around too

Madora was show as an effect card, while it is not an effect monster

Virus Cannon was shown as Trap in the dub, OVA was a quick play magic card. Kaiba’s monster

DUB: It was only 2 turns, Swords of Revealing Light was gone before the third turn

Oddly in the dub, Obelisk was drawn out before Dark Gremlin. It was the opposite, in the OVA