Mind Game (3)

COOL QUOTE EDITED: “Show me God, Kujaku Mai!”- Yami Malik

It was shown that Ra’s attack/defense was 5400/4200 that counted for indiviual Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady Sister is ONE monster card with an attack of 1950/2100.

In the dub, the dubbers made Yami Marik chant some English words, in the OVA he whispered non English words.

EDITED: dialogue of death and dying.

EDITED: Kanji on the card was edited to nothing

Pegasus did not add special ink on the Wing Dragon of Ra for the chant, the words only appear the chosen ones could understand once it’s summoned.

NOTE: Different parts of the episodes were mixed around

Before Mai was paying her pentality to the Yami no Game, her last thoughts were of Jounouchi and she did not say anything in the OVA because she VERY unconscious.