Mind Game (2)

Mai’s Adore color was changed

EDITED: Amazoness M clothing was changed into a full top

Thunder Rope was changed to Rope of Life, picture was edited

Mai’s history of her family and her difficult life was false. Her parents died and was forced to live by herself and stories moving all over the place.

EDITED: Harpie Lady Sister’s clothing was edited

Mai hearing the warmth of a voice, fearing the loneliness, and especially Jounouchi as her memories was not mentioned.

EDITED: Mai’s cleavage was reduced

EDITED: Amazoness Chain Welder, clothing changed, Holding Arms shocking A.C.W was not shown

Electric shocks of the card, was edited into a bright glow

EDITED: Tombstone of cross was edited, Last Will the name of the magic card available in Starter Yugi and Kaiba decks

Rescue Operation trap card is the false name, the actual English TCG card name is Dramatic Save, the Japanese card is Quick Save

Amazoness Spellcaster magic card is NOT a quick play magic card

EDITED: Blurred out Amazoness Fighter’s attack

It was shown Amazoness Fighter was a normal monster card while its an effect card. The effect is any Battle Damage done to this card is reduced to 0