Mind Game (1)

EDITED: Tea’s breasts were reduced.

Added scenes to Joey’s revival.

JAP: No vanilla pudding and monkey. 😛 Honda said something owing him money.

JAP: Jounouchi said something about Mai being a zombie lady, not the usual ‘guy stuff’ dream.

JAP: Pissh, friends, whatever you think. Jounouchi and Mai got something going on! Anzu said to Jounouchi not realizing a woman’s feelings.

EDITED: Yami Marik’s Millennium Rod’s dagger pointy tip was edited.

JAP: Yami Malik wanted to warm up before starting the Yami no Game (Dark Duel or Shadow Duel…as you say it).

EDITED: That enemy slash eye thing wasn’t there before!

Black Bullet Angel Attack translated to Spellbinding Flux.

EDITED: The Masked Beast’s green doll on its chest was edited to a green triangle.

“The Darkness is hungry…she makes the perfect sacrifice.” – Yami Malik, that was a cool quote.

To let you know, Mai is 24, so she’s not really a girl. Even in the original, Malik addressed her as “woman”. 😛

Yami Malik thought up some nasty statements putting Yugi in the dark.

EDITED: Mai’s memory of Anzu is cut in half.

Edited: Bakura was edited out of the running memory scene!!