Awakening of Evil (4)

EDITED: Mr. Ishtar throwing a lit candle at Rishid.

Rishid explained in more detail of the sacrificing of Joey’s 3 monsters.

Joey didn’t attack him.

There was a big flash during the summoning of Ra, the Millennium Items flashed, a red scene was shown.

EDITED: The Ghouls died because of testing the replica.

More lines were added, Rishid said was “Malik-sama” (Master Malik).

Isis was really afraid of Yami Malik coming out.

More added scenes, skipped the scene of Malik and Rishid’s conversation that Isis overheard.

“I’m all alone.” Not alone, but who I hate is more like it.

Joey’s dream scene had the blurry on the corners. He didn’t know it was a dream and it didn’t say anything about the most important duel. They were actually prepping for the start of Battle City. Honda actually told Jounouchi to fight some senior, but he beat him before and won. Not something about pudding 😛

“Looks like Wheeler’s dumb luck has saved him him, and I emphasize dumb.”- Kaiba, ah hahah funny.

Once Yami Malik appeared, he said the darkness eventually comes out and he was not afraid of the dark like his original personality (Malik) is.

Why the hell does Isis always sound so damn melodramatic?