Awakening of Evil (3)

Those Ghouls died!

EDITED: A big light covered the Jinzo, while he was really eaten up. And faces made by the gang was priceless. xD

Crap. Jounouchi wanted Shizuka to stay because he wanted to show her no matter how difficult the situation was he would fight until the end.

The age of the carving was to be done at age 10, not at 12.

Ooh, there goes the sexist remarks. JAP: He bluntly said it had to be a male to project the tomb.

Mrs. Ishtar said to just take care of Malik. Poor Isis!

EDITED: They put pants on baby Malik, although his butt wasn’t even showing in the original.

EDITED: The blood on Malik’s ankle by the snake bite. *If you listen carefully, the voice of child Marik is the same voice of the person to does the dubbed version of Manta from the Shaman King and the voice of Odion does the dubbed version of Yoh from the Shaman King*

EDITED: Rishid killing the snake with a knife.

EDITED: Rishid’s beating and the blood at the corner of his mouth.

EDITED: The knife and Rishid wanting to kill Malik.

EDITED: Mr. Ishtar throwing a lit candle onto Rishid.

EDITED: The carving.

EDITED: The Sword and Shield card, the characters were edited out.

EDITED: Bright light covered The Legendary Fisherman.

Kaiba really thought of saying that Jounouchi lasted that long and respected that, but no, they made him seem like a dick again with the Egyptian God Card Ra.

Remember that line, “Visible but invisible” Jounouchi remembered that line and figured it out more bluntly that Rishid is not Malik.

ADDED: The Tablet of Destiny and Obelisk card, crap about Kaiba.