Awakening of Evil (2)

Skipped the part he almost freaked and needed to play Scapegoat to protect his LP.

Magic Jammer’s picture changed.

EDITED: Kaiba calling Jounouchi the ‘experimental mouse’.

Mai said to Jounouchi not to give up and how he got to the Battle City Finals with Espa Roba’s, Haga’s and Kajaki’s help.

Jounouchi didn’t ask Rishid anything!

JAP: “Bring the light into the darkness” – Keyquote in this episode!

JAP: Yami’s advice was not ‘Save the world’ but ‘Visible but invisible’.

Jinzo’s real effect is to negate the effect of trap cards so they cannot be played, so technically the monster still would have worked.

Kaiba, shut up and stop being a dick on seeing Ra!

EDITED: The replica of Ra and how some of the gang members of the Ghouls died when they played the fake.