Awakening of Evil (1)

Mai thought ‘Malik’ would be a tough duelist and Jounouchi had to be careful. Shuffling decks excluded in thoughts.

EDITED: It was 11 turns, not 9. That just means they cut at least 2 turns.

JAP: More dialogue was added. In the original, when Rishid took out his ‘Millennium Rod’, nothing was said. He was simply putting it away, and Jounouchi freaked out a bit.

Malik was saying how only those who were connected with the Millennium Items could use the God Cards properly and yet Kaiba somehow could control his.

JAP: Crap on saving the world, Jounouchi was giggling because he had good cards in his hand and if he can defeat ‘Malik’, he would get the Winged Dragon of Ra.

EDITED: Giant Tornado is supposed to get return all Magic and Trap cards on the field to the players’ hand, not destroy them.

JAP: Jounouchi said that he was testing him and all bring out his full force of power on him. 😛

Fairy Box is really a trap card, but in the original they made it a Quickplay Magic card because one of his effects or Jounouchi said something about magic cards countering ‘Malik’s’ trap.

They skipped Yugi’s part about how Fairy’s Box was useless durning that turn.