The Dark Spirit Revealed (3)

Yugi said he had faith in him to draw Osiris.

Preaching about the Heart of the Cards again.

Biggest Duel Monster…I’m pretty sure Obelisk is bigger… Jounouchi said, “T-that’s Yugi’s God Card?”

Skipped Yugi’s part on how nothing can effect God.

Extra lines, “Oh I’m so sick, I need rest..” – Bakura, well duh.

Yami Bakura didn’t say he admitted defeat to Yami. Of course the dubbers didn’t want his ego to get knocked down, right?

Hmm…Bakura was very conscious after that attack from Osiris for some reason…he was totally knocked out in the original.

It wasn’t Yugi’s decision to attack Bakura, it was Yami’s. Remember, they don’t really share minds when they are dueling.