The Dark Spirit Revealed (2)

EDITED: Destiny Board- D-E-A-T-H was changed to F-I-N-A-L.

Duke’s line was changed on the fun house thing. In the original he was explaining it was one of these Western things.

ADDED: Cute pinkish stars on the corners of the Destiny Board.

Er…Otogi said something of Yugi losing and Honda giving him a look.

Big Shield Guard was a normal monster card in the dub, although he really is an effect card.

In the original, Honda threatened to beat Otogi up because he didn’t want Shizuka to be upset.

Mokuba really was afraid of Yugi losing to Bakura.

Collected power, equips all the equip cards onto one monster and Exile of the Wicked destroys all fiend’s on the playing field. The ‘ghost’ was considered as an equip, which they didn’t tell you.

Marik’s and Bakura’s chat was about Yugi’s face-down card, (resurrection) Monster Reborn.

No controlling minds, Malik was teasing Bakura about him losing.