The Dark Spirit Revealed (1)

EDITED: The Boat’s words

Bakura didn’t tell how he won so quickly in the original. But used his ‘occult’ deck. *Yes, occult is not suitable for kids! xD

In the original, they called it the Bingo Machine. Corny Tristan and Duke joke. -_-

Isis’s everything-relies-on-the-Pharaoh speech; she really said it was strange, but she knew what the future of the duel.

Yes kiddies, Bakura has a last name. His first name is Ryou!

Fun? What Bakura was really saying was it was going to be difficult dueling against him.

More extra lines, there was total silence in the elevator in the original.

Yami was more blunt in the original, “Show your face face!”

In the original, Bakura said he wanted to be the King of Duelists. Work with someone else?…uh Hello? Too much info, Bakura.

More lines added, it just makes Yami sound like an idiot.

Headless Knight is not a spirit monster, but a fiend type.

Most likely, Dark Necrophilia’s name was changed for sounding to much like Necrophilac. *If you have no idea what that means, and you want to know, e-mail me*

EDITED: Dark Necrofear’s broken doll was missing.

EDITED: DMG’s Pendent was changed to a jewel, she sounds weird with the sounds she makes.