Let the Finals Begin!

Crap, about the Pharaoh, Marik actually said something about how the Pharaoh made the people build pyramids. There was nothing about winning the puzzle in a duel in the original.

Kaiba told them to light up the stadium because no one had showed up yet and it was oddly quiet.

EDITED: The words, ‘Duelist ID’ in English, were edited to a blank space.

Marik had a feeling that Jounouchi was thinking of him being an enemy and took over Anzu to lead Jounouchi’s thoughts astray.

Marik really was surprised to see Bakura show up.

EDITED: The duel boat’s words “Duel Ship” was edited to blank.

Roland? He had a name in the original?

Kaiba is that kind of a teenager to say “Whatever”?

I think puppy is a better word for Joey than monkey.

Kaiba really told to Yugi to use the God Card and that the future of them dueling wasn’t far away.

Edited: Mai’s red wine was change to some white stuff.

Added extra shadows on the characters during Marik’s speech.

EDITED: Bakura’s bloody steak eating part!!!!

Cool lined edited- “Blood isn’t enough.” – Bakura

More lines added, “Winners first” etc.

Yugi’s lecture on the Heart of the Cards again *seriously I think kids don’t know who is who without the “Yu-Gi-OH!” thing