Lights, Camera, Duel

*This episode was much better in the Japanese! You should hear Jounouchi’s attempt to speak English! ^_^ But then the subtitles were a little f’ed up so 😛 And did anyone notice the stupid mistake of Yami’s voice on Yugi’s body in the ‘Trials of Virtual Island’?*

The total romance between Joey and Mai were absolutely masked. Mai saved Jounouchi because they were ‘friends’

They only complained Mai parked that far was because it was the only area her car was allowed to be parked.

JAP: When the limo drove out of the billboard, Jounouchi kicked the limo door and shouted angrily about watching out for people. (Canada’s dub had this scene in it)

JAP: John Claude Magnum: “Sorry, boy.”

Jounouchi’s attempt to speak English!!!

Skipped the flashback with Mai as a Casino Dealer.

John’s ninja skills? None of that mentioned in the original.

The B-rated thing was not mentioned until the end in the original.

Amazon Sword Woman’s top was edited to a full top.

Jounouchi didn’t say bad things about John Magnum was not mentioned later in the original.

Mai was over hearing Jounouchi’s nice comments about Mai then until he said something else. ???

Info: Harpie Lady SB was changed to Cyber Harpie.

The nice Japanese music was edited then the Shougun came out.

The flying ninja stars hitting Mai was edited.

JAP: John heard wedding bells, while Mai said something about hearing his funeral music.

JAP: Jounouchi giving advice to Mai is illegal, Mai even said so! 😛

Edited: Harpie Lady Sisters pointy armor was edited out.

Jounouchi’s explanation of why he was worthy of being with Mai was changed.

Jounouchi wanting *cough, cough* from Mai after saving her life was editing *haha*