Shadow of a Duel

JAP: Very first thought Yugi had was to get the God Cards to get Yami’s memories.

JAP: Mai told Jounouchi and Yugi that her new Amazoness Deck wasn’t a easy one to beat.

The computer didn’t say jack about Jounouchi being a finalist or giving directions to KaibaCorp Stadium. Anzu said something about Kaiba newly building one *spoilers- This is where Yami and Kaiba duel for their destiny*

Bakura’s Dream scene was edited without the space and toy rooms.

Edited: the Japanese characters on the hospital.

Out of the episode- The ‘movie’ poster of YGO in the commercial was the original cover of Volume #1 Graphic Novel.

JAP: Malik changed his plans and wanted Bakura to get into the final. Bakura knew Malik changed the plan because Malik lost to Yugi in the Jounouchi duel.

COOL SCENE DELETED: Bakura rips the IV off his arm.

Bonz and his gang didn’t have much to say to the guy with with the freckles, but “Leave the Duel Disk. Leave the Duel Disk. Leave the Duel Disk.” When Bakura and Bonz first started the duel, Bakura stated that the Game of Darkness had begun, not ’til after.

The snake hair was covered with a shine when the Earl of Demise cut into it.

Premature Burial was edited, just like the actual card in the English Edition. A shine was added.

COOL QUOTE DELETED: “Each time I draw a card, it brings you closer to death.” – Bakura

COOL QUOTE DELETED: “Death is coming for you.” – Bakura

Bonz didn’t set a magic card but a monster in Set.

Ectoplasm only takes half of the monster and directly attacks the opponent’s LP.

Edited: A bright light took Bonz and his gang. It was originally a black light.

Edited: The gangs drive to the Battle City Final, and Kaiba’s plane transportation.