Friends ‘Til the End (4)

JAP: Anzu’s speech was too much. Kaiba was actually thinking of a way to save her.

JAP: Jounouchi said his memories as a duelist not not just simply his past

Mai said she’d double her Harpies, while it was actually triple and the pointy armor were edited.

JAP: Crap of friendship speech, Jounouchi said about becoming a real duelist not fighting Malik.

Jounouchi’s “Help me, please.” was really “Don’t die, Yugi!!” and destroy means kill!

Marik’s quick speech, “Yugi was right his will was to strong.” It really sounded like an ‘Oh well” kinda thing. But of course it was, “WTF, how did he break my control?” thing.

Mystical Ref Panel is covered in a white dress, again.

Kaiba pondered what Yugi would do with his Ref Panel, and was thought Yugi was crazy for blasting the effect on himself. *Why again do they make Kaiba such a dick again?*

Extra dialogue between Mokuba and Honda when the helicopter came, and extra lines for the unknown Rare Hunter.

JAP: COOL SCENE EDITED!!! Kaiba didn’t know what card was on top of his deck, the dub he assumed it was a BEWD, they didn’t even show Kaiba getting his card. He flung it and the cut was edited. In the OVA, He asked ‘Lady Luck’ to bless him with a good card. When he picked it up, it was a BEWD. “Heh, I’m such a good drawer.”


Extra Jounouchi speech, Yugi thanked his Deck in OVA.

Edited out Jounouchi’s ‘out of oxygen’ face. Thought Yugi was an idiot for coming to get him, while it was Shizuka.

“How cute, the geeks are back together again.”- Kaiba,

JAP: He wasn’t thinking about the Battle City Tournament, he really thought that Jounouchi wasn’t a common duelist anymore and gained his respect.

“Serenity, you can see.”- Jounouchi. Uh duh.

Missed Mai slapping Jounouchi’s in the face.

JAP: Yugi was talking to Yami about breaking Malik’s spell and thanked him. Yami was really thinking. He was impressed how Yugi saved Jounouchi on his own and gave him courage and said someday Yugi will surpass him.

JAP: Before leaving, Yugi thanked Kaiba and he said to give a message to Yami, that he saw his ‘answer’ (in the OVA version of ‘The Rescue’ Kaiba asked if he would duel out of power knowing he would defeat Jounouchi in a duel or lose out of friendship.

JAP: Yami’s last words, “I must get the God cards.”