Friends ‘Til the End (3)

It’s power is only usable after winning a duel? I don’t know if that’s true. Throw it into the ocean so Yugi can’t use it and my Rare Hunters to retrieve it?? Malik just wanted to kill the Pharaoh that lives inside the puzzle, that’s all.

JAP: Jounouchi threw into the water. Yugi didn’t say anything. In the dub he did. And in series 1, Jounouchi threw it when Yugi didn’t realize he stole it.

Ushio, the bully. The monitor slash words were edited. By the way it was a stupid voice over.

Jounouchi’s lines were extra dialogue after Yugi defended Jounouchi and Honda.

*Sign of Yugi growing, Yugi’s well rounded shoulders 🙂 Very nice… *

DUB: The dub got something right, in the OVA ‘Skull Dice’ was a magic, while the it supposed to be a trap.

“Kill him, kill him, kill him.” was translated to “Destroy, destroy, destroy.”

JAP: When Duke and Serenity almost got ran over by Mai’s car. Shizuka and Otogi didn’t know her. In the dub they supposedly knew.

JAP: Mai said something how handsome and courageous Jounouchi was and not worry about him.