Friends ‘Til the End (2)

Notice that Yami’s coat was missing. Why? Because Jounouchi hit him with the Hirotama magic card and blew away his coat.

Jounouchi said trash about Yami won’t win. Although, in the Japanese version, Yami said about waking his heart up.

JAP: Yugi just not have an idea about taking over the duel. Yugi said it was difficult having Yami first heartache. Yugi said he can prove his friendship with Jounouchi is strong without the Millennium Puzzle and wanted to take over. In the English version, Yami sounded like he didn’t want Yugi to duel for any reason. LOL “But why?”

Yami didn’t hesitate for Yugi to take over.

When Marik found Omote Yugi taking over, Rishid told Marik something. Marik smacked Rishid in the face! Yeah, you missed that!

Marik laughed for not Yugi being easier to duel, but if Yugi dies, the Pharaoh would die too.

The picture of the Puzzle and the Slifer God card was added in there for fun, The alley’s ads were edited. The Japanese words on the paper were ripped and just left white, Added Dubbed Kaiba’s ‘sink or swim’ insult for fun. The Duelist Kingdom scene was added. Yugi friends pictures were added.

‘Heart of the Cards’ speech again. Yami asked Yugi to draw out the Red Eyes Black Dragon.

The Rare Hunters didn’t say anything at all in the original. Missed a good fighting scene. At one point you see Honda’s jacket, the next you don’t.

Duke Devlin’s entrance was much cooler in the original version. He asked in the English, how he’s been. In the original, he asked who the Rare Hunters were.

I don’t know about you, about they made Yami and Yugi talk too much. Yami was annoying too. Yami didn’t warn Yugi about summoning the REBD when first drew. The waking of the heart speech was really the conversation.

JAP: Awaking Jounouchi’s heart speech again. Funny, the ‘I can do it myself’ speech from came at the end.

JAP: No Rare Hunter’s spoke. Duke had another something to deal with. Jounouchi in the dug suit scene was added. And of course, who wouldn’t remember Jounouchi??

JAP: Yugi gave Jounouchi the Millennium Puzzle, because Yugi knew wouldn’t survive the duel and said to take take of Yami for him.

“Replace me.”- Omote Yugi

Notes: The friendship speeches have gone too far!