Friends ‘Til the End (1)

Kaiba saying he wasn’t going to help Yugi with his friends and get the 3rd God card when they land on the ground was crap. Making Kaiba look bad again. He asked Yami a question if he was forced to duel, would he beat Jounouchi out to save his friendship or because he could beat him for being a better duelist. Yami didn’t answer.

Yami promised Jounouchi to duel with him after Battle City and the duel they would play didn’t count. Not three essays of ‘I know you’re still in there, you can break his spell.’ There was only one essay. 😀

JAP: Jounouchi was NOT a mind slave for Marik. He ‘programmed’ Jounouchi to hate Yami. Anzu was his mind slave.

Yami didn’t say he put his Gazelle in defense mode, while it was.

JAP: Hirotama *Fireball*, that was aimed towards Yami…yeah not shown. You should really hear Yami scream. Muhaha!

MANGA: Hirotama was a different picture, it showed a person hit with a fireball.

Kaiba stayed there to see Yami’s ‘answer’ to his question earlier. But not stay there to get the God cards.

Also crap on Jounouchi really controlled by Marik by restructuring his deck was crap. Kaiba really said that Direct attack magic cards (EX: Hirotama, Ookazi, Final Flame) were illegal in the tournament.