Double Duel (4)

When Umbra fell into the ‘Shadow Realm’, well about to, the shattered glass was painted of orange.

Masquerade card was covered in paint, originally is was strapped and nude.

This dub actually used some of the Japanese background music when Obelisk was summoned.

JAP: Before the the commercial break, it showed Obelisk’s ATK and DEF, where the hell did that come from?!? It never appeared in the original.

Kaiba was pretty sweet when he said, ‘This is for Mokuba!’ and beat Umbra. Kaiba was being a jerk in this whole Tag Team event.

JAP: Missed a nice statement from Yami, ‘Malik, you asshole!’ and clenches his fist.

JAP: Mokuba never mentioned Honda/Honda being kidnapped.